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The Inhalers

huge band line-up – nigel beckford, steve hinderwell, doloros hoy, marie salter, andrew downes, murray costello, john rnfletcher and brian nelson.rnfrom nigel beckford: “this wellington seven piece, a popular live band in the late 80s, early 90s, made two albums chocked full of some of the most absurd lyrics and songs ever committed to tape. the songs are a pastiche of styles, often within the same song. the first album (vinyl only) was straighter and even boasted some ballads, including a tribute to velvet’s chantreuse, nico and a reggae cover of the billy paul classic me and mrs jones. the second album is completely uninhibited nonsense. subject matter ranged from a vegetarian forced into cannibalism after crashing in the andes in a plane, to songs composed entirely from bumper sticker sayings, to a man sentenced to life imprisonment in a penal colony dedicated to teenage stardom, to an ode to the power station chimney in new plymouth (“you’re lunch is in your trousers but the world is at your feet”). despite the baffling subject matter and stranger stage attire and antics, (the lead singer often sported a chicken on his head and the band appeared in front of a giant mural of 70s icon craig scott), the band appeared live on several telethons, tv one’s prime time sale of the century and were due to sing the national anthem at a soccer international between new zealand and england. only bad weather averted what would have been deep national embarrassment. although the band has long since disappeared without trace, the tracks the last surviving vegetarian and hutt valley girl both aired on national radio last year. the police are investigating.”


picks in bold

  • nudist on the beach of love [1990 henry boy HNB001]
  • holy family six pack [1992 henry boy HNB002]

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