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jenny morris’ first claim to fame was as the lead vocalist in the crocodiles huge new wave pop smash ‘tears’. though the band was quite short lived, they went through a huge assortment of members, including both jenny and brother ian morris, fane flaws, tony blackhouse, tina matthews, peter dasent, mark hornibrook, ian gilroy, rickie morris, jonathan swartz, barton price and the late great bruno lawrence (who seemed to be in just about every band in the mid 70s to early 80s). a thoroughly dated m.o.r album, the debut formed around the hit single can often be found in 2nd hand vinyl bins.


picks in bold

  • tears [1980 rca VPLI0285]
  • looking at ourselves [1980 rca VPLI6538]
  • new wave goodbye [1982 aura]

awards etc
rianz awards 1980

  • top group of the year crocodilesrn
  • most promising group of the year crocodilesrn

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