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The Coolies

three-piece all-girl punk group in the early shonen knife mold, i.e. sing-shoutty appropriations of the ramones with huge slabs of anarchic (and not to mention, over-the-top) synth thrown in for good measure. they originally existed as an auckland-fareing hamilton-aread group comprised of tina on guitar, sjionel on keys and another drummer, finding support slots for the beastie boys and appearing alongside their local compadre’s the datsuns – but broke up before going on to record anything beyond a 7″. thankfully the reunited in 2002 with new drummer fei, and recorded their danceable, upbeat debut with longtime new zealand rock engineer tex houston, released late in 2003.


picks in bold

  • ‘the coolies’ 7″ single [girl alliance Girl Alliance 003] rn
  • the coolies [2003 !ssuxx! records !ssuxx!01]

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