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Coalition Broadcasting Corporation


Auckland punky lo-fi group from former Herco Pilots members Chris Williams and Hugh Tercel. During their original run they released 2 cassettes (including one on Paul Lukers Industrial Tapes label) filled with DIY noise – toy instruments, junk percussion and the scratchy possible straight to tape recording possible!

Wellington-based obscurities label Epic Sweep put out a 3rd cassette as a retrospective release, and have included their songs on their own ‘Making Airplane Noise’ compilation.

Coalition formed in Auckland in the early 1980s from the ashes of the Herco Pilots and the Gordon Bennetts. The band became a broader more chaotic collective of talented musicians, artists, idealists and friends. This is a compilation of their epic ‘United Shoelaces Are Dangerous’ self-released cassette from 1983 and is an extraordinarily unheralded DIY mash-up of post-punk, electronics, found sounds and general self-indulgence far ahead of its time.

Epic Sweep Records



  • United Shoelaces Are Dangerous cassette (self-released)
  • Coalition Broadcasting Corporation Live cassette (1983, Industrial Tapes, INDUSTRIAL007)
  • United Shoelaces Are (Still) Dangerous cassette (2015, Epic Sweep, ES43)


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