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Charlotte Sometimes


Solo alias of Wellington based singer songwriter Charlotte Yates.

After debuting with Jayrem group Putty In Her Hands in 1987, Yates released the first recordings as Charlotte Sometimes on Festival Records in 1991 before being part of Kitsch folk group When the Cat’s Been Spayed, who had significant success with their tour and album Down the Hall in 1993.


  • Charlotte Yates (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, 1991)
  • Annie Crumber (Vocals, 1991)
  • Jackie Clarke (Vocals, 1991)
  • Gerrad Tahu (Percussion, 1991)
  • Neil Cuickshank (Drums, 1991)
  • Rob Winch (Bass, 1991)


  • Queen Charlotte Sounds (1991, Jayrem/Festival Records, L30609)
  • Red Letter 7″ Single (1991, Jayrem/Festival Records, K10445)



1 thought on “Charlotte Sometimes”

  1. Still have a cd o love of Charlotte Sometimes. listen & love it… yup, ah’m somewhat mature-ish buuuuut grateful & still enjoy yr creation. hope all involved are still dealing it up out there❣️

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