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Carriage H


Now defunct Dunedin guitar-texturalists (in the High Dependency Unit vein) that created loud, driving rock that tread the line between post-rock and heavy-metal while still in their mid teens. The group consisted of Tim ‘Tiddy’ Smith and the duo of Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain.

Great live act – I witnessed their last Christchurch gig in which parts of drum kit and amplifiers were smashed…

After winning the 2001 Smokefree Rockquest and recording the Power of Grey Skull album, Wilson and Prain moved to Wellington and enlisted Ricky French on Bass (Wilson switched to guitar and vocals) before the core of Wilson and Prain moved further North to Auckland, forming the long-standing punk trio Die! Die! Die! with Xanadu bassist Kane Goultier replacing French.


  • Tim Smith (Guitar/Vocals, 1999 – 2002)
  • Andrew Wilson (Bass, 1999 – 2002)
  • Michael Prain (Drums, 1999 – 2002)


  • Power of Grey Skull (2002, Turbine Records, TURBINE001)



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