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Live: Flying Nun Records 30th Birthday

Shayne P Carter and Ghost Club, with Popstrangers

November 18th, 2011 at CPIT Students Association

Wow. These Flying Nun Records 30th Birthday shows kick ass.

Popstrangers are an Auckland 3 piece I haven’t seen before, but their rather good drummer looks very familiar… Anyways I enjoyed their set, pretty in your face guitar music with some cool bits and pieces.

Ghost Club are one of my fav still sorta current Flying Nun acts – both their self-titled debut and the follow-up ‘Suicide Train‘ are littered with great, powerful songs – plus that old 7″ with Dave Mitchell and Denise Roughan they called ‘The Ghost Club‘ is one of my prized singles. Roughan and Jim Abbott seemed pretty subdued for most of the set, but ably backed Mitchell, who set about attacking his guitar, succumbing only to a bout of the tune-ups.

Shayne Carter and his current tour backing band (the old maestro Gary Sullivan on drums and former D4 Vaughen Williams on bass) played a great back catalogue of Shayne’s songs, a real good mix of the more delicate Straitjacket Fits numbers, ace Dimmer drones, bombastic Double Happys ditties and even the ole Bored Games hit ‘Joe 90’.

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