The Brunettes

[flickr-photo:id=515329042,size=t] sunshine and candy-canes, the brunettes are a hard-working and extremely promising, genuine kiwi pop band – a rare thing in this day and age. forming around heather mansfield and jonathan bree’s girl-boy vocals and a plethora of instruments used both on record and live (heather being a rather talented multi-instrumentalist), the band expanded to a 5-piece for the release of their brilliant 2002 release holding hands, feeding ducks – a beach-boys / 50s girl-group pop inflected album which was to be released independently, before emi scooped them up for distribution at the last minute.
[flickr-photo:id=515328094,size=t] since then they’ve been furiously beavering away at new material, putting out the charming (and often bizarre) boyracer ep and making low-key tours both nationally and internationally. the incisions‘ nick ‘harte’ hodgson joined as drummer in early 2003, as the band entered the studio for their follow-up release. harte left the band on the brink of 2004, concentrating on his new full-time project, the shocking pinks.
by mid-2004 the brunettes had once-again cemented a new line-up, and their sophomore release mars loves venus (taking the name of their ultra-rare debut lathe-cut 7″ ep) was completed with the line-up of mansfield, bree, james milne and their new drummer ryan mcphun.
[flickr-photo:id=515357717,size=t] with the success of their 2nd album the group once again departed for foreign shores, taking in south-by-southwest and

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