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4-piece Christchurch hard-rock outfit who originally formed as Gluefist. Made a bit of an impact in the late 90s through to 2002 with a few singles (particularly ‘Bullet In My Hand’, which received significant radio play) and a few high-profile support slots.


Wellington based garage surf-punk band headed up by Marty Squire (guitar/vocals) wit brothers Dave (drums) and Luke Benge (keyboards), and Jules Desmond (bass). Formed from the ashes of Letterbox Lambs.

Had one catchy single ‘We Ride Tonight’ released as a New Zealand On Air music video

Stayfree Carefree

Terribly-named Auckland rock power-trio from the guitar of Julian Reid (who released a single on Wildside with his first band Braintree), along with his twin brothers A.B. and Cymon Reid (both formerly of Garden Shed) – who both joined the… Read More »Stayfree Carefree

Bailter Space

Biography Starting life as the Gordons, Bailter Space were one of the most abrasive aggressive and (primarily) loudest bands to ever emerge out of Christchurch and the Flying Nun Records scene of the early 80s. Comprised of Alister Parker on… Read More »Bailter Space


Biography Wellington pop band, originally formed as a high school band. The group produced two albums, ‘Pop Life’ (1997), and the somewhat lesser ‘Don’t Stop The Revolution’ (2000). Now distancing themselves from Breathe, 3 of the ex-members have reformed under… Read More »Breathe


The SML was the combined forces of Shihad (later to become Pacifier) members Jon Toogood and Tom Larkin, with Head Like A Hole vocalist Nigel Regan – a combo that released an album, EP and split a release with their… Read More »The SML

The Warners

Biography Jon Baker, Deby Turner, John Micham, Chris Koole, Allen Stephenson, Mike Howie, Mike Mcdonald. Fairly popular outfit who started out with a couple of EPs (including their signature release Satellite Surfing) and an album in the late 80s, before… Read More »The Warners


Early Wildside hard-rock outfit comprised of Evan Roberts, Mike Young and Arthur Tauhore. Not to be confused with Bruce Bluchers’ Trash. Discography Flourish And Decay [1989 Intellect Intel1] Reason Rhyme Cassingle [1992 Wildside] Chemikaze [1992 Wildside 30720] Links BandCamp Page… Read More »Trasch

Second Child

Low-profile Wildside rock outfit comprised of [future solo artist] Damien Binder, Chris Van De Geer, Theo Jackson, Luke Casey and Isaac Tucker. Discography Magnet Cd Ep [1991 Wildside L28039] Hold Back Cd Single [1993 Wildside 11441] Crumble Cd Single [1995… Read More »Second Child


Crude Hard Rock From Scott Patterson, Aaron Peck, Jason Ennor And Sean O’Brien. Discography ‘Overdrive’ Cssingle [1995 Wildside] ‘Where’S The Cornbag? / I Don’T Wanna Know’ Ep [1996 Wildside] ‘Cool Guy’ Cd Single [1997 Wildside] Kooza [1997 Wildside] Links BandCamp… Read More »Muckhole


Former Wellington hair-rock outfit who put out some of the earliest recordings on Murray Cammick’s Wildside recordings. Discography Pull Up To The Bumper Cassingle / 7″ Single [1991 Wildside] Choice Freak Dog Live! Cd Ep [1992 Wildside 26075] Links BandCamp… Read More »Rumblefish


Former Rip It Pp editor Murray Cammick formed Wildside in 1991, releasing material from Wellington acts Freak Power, Second Child and Rumblefish, but didn’t really become the icon of Wellington hard rock it was in the mid 90s until both… Read More »Wildside


Auckland-based pop-punk group who managed to find a modicum of success thanks to their throw-away single ‘Bruce’, along with singer Paul Reid’s visibility as a former Shortland Street star.