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Powertool Records

Daisy Chain Halo

Hamilton rockers (who describe themselves as having a heavy acoustic sound) Daisy Chain Halo are a trio comprised of ex-Wellington group Porch members Carl Watkins and Corrina Watts, along with a succession of drummers, eventually settling on Hamilton-native Luke Hale in mid-2002.

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Dunedin 4-piece indie-rock outfit with a sound heavily indebted to the classic early Flying Nun groups. Self-released a couple albums and toured with support from A Low Hum before ending in 2009.

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Sleepers Union

Blissful psychedelic pop from Simon McLaren, known for his high-energy, explosive songs in Loves Ugly Children and The Subliminals, partnered with The Onedin Line’s Mark Anderson. The group have released 2 albums 13 years apart, with a live band consisting of well-known Auckland-based musicians.

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Bill Direen

One of the longest running mythic underground figures of New Zealand rock who has worked (and commanded) such significant figures in the New Zealand music scene as Chris Knox, Peter Stapleton, Maryrose Crook, Dave Mitchell, Malcolm Grant – the list goes on.

Thought Creature

Forming in 2004 the Wellington-based trio of Will Rattray (Guitar and Vocals), Danny Brady (Bass, Synth) and Peter Copeland (Electronic Drums) started out as an slack-vocaled Surf-Rock group, however their sound has changed quite a lot over the years. After… Read More »Thought Creature

Say Hi To Your Mom

Mysterious band associated with Powertool Records. Discography Numbers And Mubles [2003 Pf00679] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Brother Love

Biography Fuzzy, bluesy Rock’n’Roll from Martin Henderson, aka Brother Love. Henderson has lent his name to a number of groups (‘The Homebacon Gang’, ‘The Second Hand Emotions’, The Free Association’, His Dark Horses’, ‘His Far Out Space Nuts’ etc), featuring… Read More »Brother Love

The Builders

Biography The most recognized of Bill Direen’s many underground projects, The Builders recordings are as varied as they are numerous, and litter his discography (often with infuriating spelling variations –  The Bilders, Bildirene, Die Bilder etc). Check Direen’s Main Entry for… Read More »The Builders

Bored Gordon

Biography Fuzzy guitar rock out of Auckland formed in 2003 after the demise of Mallet and Emery’s former band Dozer. Members Simon Mallet (Vocals/Guitar, 2003 – 2005) Marc Emery (Guitar/Accordion/Vocals, 2003 – 2005) Paul Ni (Bass, 2003 – 2005) Nick… Read More »Bored Gordon

The Shrugs

The Shrugs originally got together as the Hamilton trio of Richie Ranum, Neil Ramsey and Geoff Doube in 2000, after several line-up changes (cHris Metcalfe came and went after replacing Ranum, and Ramsey’s replacement Rob Smith eventually gave way to… Read More »The Shrugs

Powertool Records

initially started as a method for releasing the recordings of joed out and feyodor (joed out’s ben barritt), and run by band-memberandrew maitai, the label took a step towards becoming a fully fledged independent in mid 2003 with the bands… Read More »Powertool Records

The Sproutts

Chris (vox, gtr, theremin) / Charlotte (electric vn, org) / Thomas (vox, electric vn, org) / Caleb (drums). Wellington-based 3-piece 60s / Dunedin-Sound influenced pop group. With 2 albums on Powertool records. Discography Flying Out of the Washing Machine [2005… Read More »The Sproutts

Space Dust

Biography A Christchurch institution of absent idols (only John Christoffels still resides in the garden city from the classic line-up), dating back to 1993 but seldom surfacing more than a single gig every couple of years. The group was original… Read More »Space Dust