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Discography Song For Suzie Cassette [1989 Onset/Offset S001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Stefan Neville

Stefan Neville, The Man Behind Pumice And Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings Released An Unusually Titled Cd-R Under His Own Name In 2003. – You’re not welcome cd-r Stefan Neville is the incredibly talented musician behind Pumice, as well as… Read More »Stefan Neville

Age Pryor

wellington-based solo artist (and multi-instrumentalist) age pryor has slowly been gaining attention since the release of his sophmoric solo album city chorus. very downbeat and heartfelt in approach, pryor recorded the album with contributions from tessa rain (vocals), kerry wood… Read More »Age Pryor


5-piece pop-punk / white-trash hip-hop outfit out of Auckland, admirable for their give-it-a-go home-brewed approach to music and video production (their self-produced ‘White-Trash’ video was a huge hit), but pretty throw-away when it comes to actual music. Steriogram have built… Read More »Steriogram


Auckland emo with Stefan Thompson (Ex-Migraine And Balance). Jay Dougrey, Christian Humphreys, Ryan Thomas, Stefan Thompson, Jeremy Toy. The band added second vocalist Milon for their 2004 album Say What You Want. Discography More Songs [1997 Kafuey] Fast Cars, Slow… Read More »Sommerset


Auckland-based pop-punk group who managed to find a modicum of success thanks to their throw-away single ‘Bruce’, along with singer Paul Reid’s visibility as a former Shortland Street star.

The Ruling Elite

Biography Originally formed as a regularly jamming group comprised of Palace of Wisdom‘s Andrew ‘Ox’ O’Connell (vocals), first-time musician David Branton (guitar) and Crimefront Studio’s Mike Boulden (drums), the group eventually took on a steady line-up with the addition of… Read More »The Ruling Elite


death-metal / grind-core out of auckland, formed in 1999 by michael rothwell and phil osborne. this duo recorded two demo releases – pleased to meat you (1999) and deciphering the deranged (2000) before dawn of azazel‘s joe bennet joined on… Read More »Graymalkin


Biography Brett Garrity, Colin Hartshorn, Stu Brown and Cliff Bateman. Garritty later went on to form the Stinkbuzz label with the Letterbox Lambs Jules Desmond. Members Discography Links

Nemesis Dub Systems

Early Wildside Outfit Comprised Of Future Uni-Tone Hi-Fi Duo (And Production Wizards) Angus Mcnaughton And Joost Langeveld. Discography Roundhouse 12″ Ep [1991 Wildside20097] A Multitrack Situation [1992 Deepgrooves] Nemesis Dub Systems Cassette [1995 Deepgrooves C20097] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s… Read More »Nemesis Dub Systems

Daisy Chain Halo

hamilton rockers (who describe themselves as having a heavy acoustic sound) daisy chain halo are a trio comprised of ex-porch members carl watkins and corrina watts, along with a succession of drummers, eventually settling on hamilton-native luke hale in mid-2002.… Read More »Daisy Chain Halo

Failsafe Records

Biography Rob Mayes’ mighty Failsafe Records, a committed independent label that is as part of Christchurch as a warm Nor-Wester. The original home of many Christchurch bands who went on to big things, as well as a great many undiscovered… Read More »Failsafe Records