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Aka Andrew Moon, the head of Imperial Recordings and ex-drummer for Flying Nun Records legends Goblin Mix. Moon worked with RSW London in the late 80s, forming Celine, but its been in RST that Moon (now as a solo musician)… Read More »RST

The Rhubarb Collective

Andrew Cavanagh, Matthew Garrett, Andrew Penman and James Wilkinson. Discography Happy Anniversary Darling [1988 W/ Pihed Curious Mr12188] Links BandCamp Page Photo’s on Flickr

Ride On Estrada

Loose and quirky Christchurch pop-rock outfit, who spent a couple years slowly building up a set of lo-fi indie-pop songs, and releasing their self-recorded results just as the band itself was calling it quits (with several members travelling overseas). Vocalist… Read More »Ride On Estrada


stage 2 of michael prain (drums) and andrew wilson’s (vocals / guitar) attempt to take over new zealand rock, rawer succeeded the rockquest winning carriage h (who wilson has since gone on record describing as ’embarrassing’) by adding bassist ricky… Read More »Rawer

Royal Rumble

Rimu Tahu, Mark Burns, Tim Dewar, Nick Baty, James Baty, Justin Hooper. Discography This Are Rumbletones [2000 Grass Roots Records Grc012] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Discography For Dean Martin Cassette [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl018] Split Lathe Cut 7″ Plus ‘Bite Me Fag Boy’ Zine [W/ Chunky Pizzle Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl020] Lathe Cut 7″ [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl021] Revolver Lathe-Cut… Read More »Revolver

The Raskolnikovs

the raskolnikovs formed in wellington in 2003. members include: airini beautrais (violin), brett moodie (also of the snares on guitar & vocals), dan lucka (bass), justin barr (mink, the users, cherry on drums), and matt steindl )accordion & vocals). not… Read More »The Raskolnikovs

The Reduction Agents

Biography James Milne’s reduction agents spawned out of his Brunettes association with Ryan McPhun – which also created the McPhun -led Ruby Suns. Milnes variation create country-tinged pop tunes, infused with a dose of Dennis Wilson era beach boys harmonies… Read More »The Reduction Agents


danny butt, kim pieters and peter stapleton outfit. pieters and stapleton formed the metonymic label to release their material, whilst flies inside the sun co-existed as the same line-up, but with the addition of the brilliant renderers front-man brian crook… Read More »Rain


[profile thanks to blair parkes]range began at a party in 1995 when hayden asked blair parkes to play some country type music. after playing an acoustic support slot as ‘space rangers’ the name was shortened to range and bert (also… Read More »Range

The Renderers

The Renderers are New Zealand’s prime example of southern-fried country, and are indeed one of our finest ever bands. Brian Crook formed the Renderers with his partner Maryrose in early 90’s Christchurch when The Max Block failed to go anywhere,… Read More »The Renderers


Discography Recycler e.p. 3″ cd-r [w/ CJA Root Don Lonie For Cash rdl104] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Biography The Coolies‘ Sjionel Timu, plus Jewl of Bessamoocho / Goldifox duo (and Pink Air / Girl Alliance mainstays) Liz Matthews and Penny Collins going hardcore. Released a lathe-cut 7″ ode to King Loser vocalist Celia Mancini, with the B-side… Read More »Revenger