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Former Wellington hair-rock outfit who put out some of the earliest recordings on Murray Cammick’s Wildside recordings. Discography Pull Up To The Bumper Cassingle / 7″ Single [1991 Wildside] Choice Freak Dog Live! Cd Ep [1992 Wildside 26075] Links BandCamp… Read More »Rumblefish

Robot Tigers

Bizarre Auckland spazz-rock band comprised of Luvshorse (bass, vocals), HimynamesdaN (guitar), Tree (lead vocals, drums) Boom Boom (drums). Discography Nothing to say ep [2006 self-released] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Royce T Doyster

..A loose cowpunk outfit that played a mixture of originals and country covers. Royce T Doyster got compared to the Violent Femmes a lot, mostly because people couldn’t see past the stand up drums. The band played 15 gigs altogether,… Read More »Royce T Doyster

Room Noir

Dark and electronic flaboured studio recordings from Hadley Cylkk and Geoff Ljiraq. With Ljiraq’s vocals, synth, piano, electronic and guitar textures, the duo released their debut album in 2004 with plans for a stripped down ep release to come. Discography… Read More »Room Noir

The Rabble

The Rabble, a three-piece band based on the Hibiscus Coast (HBC) dedicated to bringing you a brand of solid and unique Punk Rock n’ Roll. This year the band have been busy in the recording studio, working on their second… Read More »The Rabble

Jordan Reyne

Jordan Reyne is an acclaimed, yet still relatively low-profile musician with a long history in New Zealand pop and rock, specifically in a dark (and somewhat gothic) direction. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Reyne gigged as a solo… Read More »Jordan Reyne


Auckland-based pop-punk group who managed to find a modicum of success thanks to their throw-away single ‘Bruce’, along with singer Paul Reid’s visibility as a former Shortland Street star.

The Ruling Elite

Biography Originally formed as a regularly jamming group comprised of Palace of Wisdom‘s Andrew ‘Ox’ O’Connell (vocals), first-time musician David Branton (guitar) and Crimefront Studio’s Mike Boulden (drums), the group eventually took on a steady line-up with the addition of… Read More »The Ruling Elite