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My Deviant Daughter

Early to mid 90’s Dunedin dark-pop trio with an album, and 7″ single on the ‘Delerious’ label, plus a Yellow Eye music Dunedin-music compilation appearance.

Marching Girls

spawned out of first generation punkers the scavengers, the marching girls we’re a stripped down, and more new wave focused attempt for ronnie recent, johnnie volume and des hefner. they re-recorded the ‘scavs brilliant ‘true love’, and appeared on the… Read More »Marching Girls


Long running Auckland extreme metal group, formed by guitarists / vocalist / producer Daryl ‘Dero’ Tapsell.


Kat Black, Ingrid Martini, Kaitlin. Discography Velvet Fog EP [2001] Links BandCamp Page Photo’s on Flickr

Mancini 500

Biography 3-piece outfit featuring Daniel Mancini (Guitar), Luke (bass) and Health (drums). The group released a lathe cut EP and we’re on a couple rock’n’roll compilations from the era. Front-man Dan Mancini re-appeared as DJ Dan Mancini, notably supporting Black… Read More »Mancini 500

The Mutton Birds

Biography Probably Don McGlashan’s most famous song-writing vehicle, the Mutton Birds achieved considerable success in the 1990’s, with a number of successful singles, albums and even award recognition. Originally an Auckland-based trio comprised of McGlashan (pulling double-duty with the theatrical… Read More »The Mutton Birds

Wayne Mason

as the lead song-writer for the highly acclaimed formyula, mason was at the fore-front of new zealand rock in the late 60s, pioneering original repetoires (which was positively unheard of in new zealand at the time). with ‘nature’, a simple… Read More »Wayne Mason

The Mockers

andrew fagan’s mockers were hugely successful in an early-mid 80s new zealand obsessed with then-current crop of british pop. fagan’s vocal inflection (slightly nasal, almost morrissey like at times) were the absolute focal point of the band, a pop-orientated rotating… Read More »The Mockers

Marvey King

marvey king is singer-songwriter tanya horo, former singer / guitarist with auckland girl group growler and the face of new zealand’s house of travel adverts. horo has contributed vocals for australian dance act pnau, and released her debut solo lp,… Read More »Marvey King

Jamie McNair

enigmatic indeed. new zealander jamie mcnair presents what i believe is his debut release of supremely underwhelming surface noise. geographic minutae is carefully polished and stored away like little audio treasures to be marvelled at on future ocassions. two wonderfully… Read More »Jamie McNair


One of Campbell Kneale’s (Birchville Cat Motel) many sideprojects, who so far have released material of a long, winding and aggressive nature in short lathe-cut runs. Discography Versus The Great Satan Cd-R [2003 Carbond Records Cr83] Mauve Stars Cd-R [2004… Read More »Ming


Biography Celia Mancini‘s post King Loser band, consisting of herself on vocals and guitar and various other contributors such as Clayton Noone, Cameron Bain (formerly of Constant Pain) and many others, as the band had trouble keeping line-ups. More heavy metal… Read More »Mothertrucker