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Greg Malcolm

the multi-talented greg malcolm. he’s been a member of jay clarkson’s breathing cage and suffered the fate of over-spending on their sole lp. he released an album entitled ‘trust only this face’ that lead to controversy (due a song entitled… Read More »Greg Malcolm

Murder Inc

Jamie Verheyde, Rick O’Grady, Mark Brooks And Nick Ruddell. Discography Carbine Ep [Live Recording 1986 Rational Rat303] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


mhfs is mark sadgrove, an auckland-based physicist currently working on a doctorate in experimental quantum dynamics. in his spare time he makes sound with open source software tools. ‘ti point wharf’ is in keeping with his previous “location themed” recordings,… Read More »MHFS


Biography The Malchicks formed in the late eighties in the Auckland guitar scene, and rose to prominence with substantial radio play for an early recording of the song ‘Vanilla’, which was eventually released on one of the bFM Freak the… Read More »Malchicks


black metal hardcore act from the pits of paeroa. noisey, gritty and very rawrn- club bizarre Discography picks in bold eternal antichrist cassette [self-released] nothing is forever [self-released]


popular up-and-coming wellington hard rock band. Discography picks in bold reset speed [2002 hey harry HHR02]


Biography Now defunct old Christchurch punk band from the late 90s / early 00s based around core members Kyle Denovan on guitar and vocals, and myself (Chris Andrews) on bass and accompanying vocals. Starting with just the duo and playing… Read More »Mysterioball