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Children’s Hour

Whilst Chris Matthews was struggling within the pop-confines of the Prime Movers, Johnny Pierce (Bass), Grant Fell (Guitar) and Bevan Sweeney (Drums) were forming their own sound as Children’s Hour.

Casagrante Apparatus

Dunedin mid-90s experimental trio with a handful of impossible to find releases, including a lathe on Crawlspace, and 2 releases on drummer Stefan Neville’s own ‘A Stabbies and the Rocket Recording’ label.

The Clean

The Clean have left a giant stamp on New Zealand Independent Music. The group that came to define ‘The Dunedin Sound’ had a terrific topsy-turvy career that spanned 5 albums and a number of EPs, singles, compilations and live releases over a 31 year time-span.

Crystal Zoom

General craziness in musical form at the hand of Michael Weston and his troops Bruce Mahalski, Eric Neuman and Nathan McConnell.

The Dunedin music compilation But I Can Write Songs OK includes their brilliant stars-on-45 take on Flying Nun bands ‘Dunedin sound on 45’, and even featured guest appearances from some of the targets – David Kilgour and Martin Phillips.

Simon Comber

somber but poppy dunedin-based ex-auckland acoustic balladeer who has toured with the chills and released an album on carpathian records. comber recorded the album with help of a creative nz grant after enrolling in otago universities music degree (under the… Read More »Simon Comber

Charlie Ash

Biography Wellington based electro-synth rockers Charlie Ash were formed around the Christchurch-grown duo of bassist/keytar player Mailee Matthews (formerly of Maestro Cooltone and the Phantasmasies) and vocalist Rosie Rigger, and play a variety of fun, schlocky pop with a great… Read More »Charlie Ash

Catherine Wheel

Biography No relation to the UK band of the same name, this one was formed in 1988 if it makes any difference. Following on from Genie and the Wild Children‘s Dave Hunt, Brett Lupton and Mark Tyler and with Paul… Read More »Catherine Wheel

The Coolies

three-piece all-girl punk group in the early shonen knife mold, i.e. sing-shoutty appropriations of the ramones with huge slabs of anarchic (and not to mention, over-the-top) synth thrown in for good measure. they originally existed as an auckland-fareing hamilton-aread group… Read More »The Coolies

The Chills

Biography Over the years the Chills have released a number of brilliant pop songs, right from the outset their material has been catchy and melodic, and have a certain eerie quality to them that separates them from most mainstream pop… Read More »The Chills

Chainsaw Masochist

Biography   Members Murray Couling Debbie Silvey Darren McShane Ricky McShane Discography Facing Up EP (1989, Still Ill Tapes) Periphery (1991, Flying Nun Records Records, FN170) Thrashing Around 7″ Single (1991, Flying Nun Records Records, FN182) Links  


post punk influences band from the early 80s featuring warwick iverson on guitar and vocals, katherine iverson on keys/vocals/ guitar, rob kitson on bass/ and dave scales on drums. ex unauthorised guitarist phil johnston later joined on guitar. started off… Read More »Clients

Cat! Cat! Cat!

Biography A band that never really got going. Cat! Cat! Cat! was formed by guitarists Brenda Dwayne and Stephanie Cook of Fake Purr with Xanadu drummer Bruce Wurr, playing a one-off gig in 1999. The trio re-appeared in 2002, then… Read More »Cat! Cat! Cat!

Jeff Clarkson

jay’s brother – who put out his own solo release on the short-lived toast label in 1983 after making his own name in the 70s with flight x7. clarkson has since become a relaxation music-producer, creating a success income with… Read More »Jeff Clarkson

Cold Comfort

generic hard rock from one of christchurch’s younger outfits (circa 2005), popular in the all-age scene. Discography picks in bold no releasesrn


The one-man band that is Matt Middleton. Using a variety of instruments (all the usuals along with clarinet and studio buffoonery) Middleton produced a bunch of self-release tapes in the early 90s, before Flying Nun released the Inner City Guitar Perspectives compilation in 1996.

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