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Biography On paper chug sound like a bit of a super-band. Featuring the wonderful Norma O’Malley (formerly of criminally under-rated all-girl janglers Look Blue Go Purple) on vocals, along with Alf Danielson (Goblin Mix), Stephen Kilroy (Stephen and about a… Read More »Chug


Biography Wellington pirate punk with a violin player! Although by 2003 half the band moved to Nelson, they still toured and played whenever possible. Feminist folk punk from Sian Sabotage Sammy Vulture, Lisa Lucifa and Jana Java. The group took… Read More »Carnys


Biography Cicada were an Auckland based guitar-oriented band. Since forming in 1992, Cicada have recorded and successfully aired many demos on student radio throughout the country and have amassed considerable live experience, including support slots for touring international acts such… Read More »Cicada


Biography Cinematic we’re a high-profile Christchurch outfit based around local singer-songwriting fixture Jeremy Taylor that released a couple of albums in the mid 90’s. They had quite a strong fan base, though they were never exactly my taste.. Taylor eventually… Read More »Cinematic


Biography Coal are energy in another form. Long-lasting groovy Christchurch noise-rock cum post-rock band based around the core guitar duo of Andrew Hensley and Jeremy Symonds. Despite the best part of 2 decades as a live act, the group has… Read More »Coal

The Cakekitchen

Biography After the demise of This Kind Of Punishment, Graeme Jefferies recorded a solo EP called ‘Messages From The Cakekitchen‘, and needed to form a band to perform the material in a live environment: [Started] as a two piece guitar,… Read More »The Cakekitchen

Robert Cardy

Biography Bob Cardy has a long history of making lo-fi, shambolic and DIY rock music. From the early days of post-Vacuum Blue Ladder Christchurch with the infamous Axemen (then known as Bob Brannigan), through to the eventual rise of Shaft in… Read More »Robert Cardy


one of stink magnetic‘s many low-run underground tape-heroes, cortina have been described by teledu records as blondie meets ministry (psalm 69, natch) at the bottom of a swamp. Discography picks in bold as seen on tv cassette [stink magnetic MAG… Read More »Cortina


the prolific output of clayton noone – dunedin-based solo musician and member of future-punkers the futurians. noone also runs the root don lonie for cash record label. Discography picks in bold < ul> ‘moon’/’danger’ 7″ lathe-cut [plop] i like gate… Read More »CJA

Cold By Winter

yet more auckland punk / hardcore on the eleven fifty seven label. formed in 2002 and comprised of leon ahmad-hall (vocals), ben lee (guitar), trajan schwencke (guitar), george hampton (bass) and scotty rocker (drums). the band recently released their debut… Read More »Cold By Winter


antony milton and clayton noone, aka cja. Discography picks in bold wayside 3″ cd-r [2003 jewelled antler] crescent lathe-cut [2004 root don lonie for cash]

The Clear

david white, teddi clover, greg and kristen finucane, phil williscroft and brent gemmill. Discography picks in bold the clear ep [1988 ode SODEP311] live stomach [live recording 1991 yellow bike]