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Biography Word on the street is that this Palmerston North 4-piece metal-core / punk outfit comprised of Ted Moriarty, Andy Campbell, Shaun Anderson and Sophie Burgess are just about the best up and coming band in the country. All four… Read More »Cathedra

Cave of One

Biography Completely unknown presumably-experimental recordings that involve Glory Fckn Sun member (and now UK resident) Ben Spiers in some capacity (Guitar? Violin?). Members Ben Spiers (2003) Discography Creative Theory Submission CDr (2003, Cave of Tongue Productions) Links  


Discography picks in bold ‘sniffer’/’shuttlecock’ lathe-cut 7″ [celebrate psi phenomenon] cowcatcher cassette [celebrate psi phenomenon] split cassette [w/ airport celebrate psi phenomenon]


Biography Slick 3-piece pop-rock outfit who formed at Hillmorton High School in Christchurch, before relocating to Wellington in the late 90’s (and eventually breaking up in mid-2002). Comprised of (future Autozamm front-man) Michael Carpinter, scene-stealing drummer Rcky Boyd and Wellington… Read More »Canvas


jenny morris’ first claim to fame was as the lead vocalist in the crocodiles huge new wave pop smash ‘tears’. though the band was quite short lived, they went through a huge assortment of members, including both jenny and brother… Read More »Crocodiles

Darcy Clay

Inspired, chaotic, and unfortunately short-lived Auckland musician. please read my review of his seminal live document Songs for Beethoven for more detail on his tragic life-story. virgin music (NZ) have recently compiled his only two EP’s into an anthology (though… Read More »Darcy Clay

The Cement Garden

Biography Palmerston North 4-piece with a single EP to their name. Vocalist Boekman would go on to the Bananamen. Members Leonard Carney (Drums, 1986) Elenaor Boekman (Vocals/Bass, 1986) Sean O’Conner (Guitar, 1986) Jonathan Collins (Guitar/Saxophone/Vocals, 1986) Discography The Only One EP… Read More »The Cement Garden

Corpse Feast

brutal death-metal 3-piece who formed in lower-hutt in 1994. the line-up of claude nicholson (guitar / vocals), roger nicholson (drums) and ra nicholls (lead guitar) currently reside in hastings, and have released an album on the local hit your head… Read More »Corpse Feast