the very wayward guitar/electronics duo that eventually gave birth to birchville cat motel. reguiling atonal plonkery and profound multi-stringed shingle slides by two irrepressible young guns utterly oblivious to the fact that most people wanted to stone them to death with spare change. I can’t believe we did this in public.rn- campbell kneale describing his work on the crest95 album

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christchurch rock outfit from the mid 2000s.

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  • no major releases


christchurch hard-rock-with-female-vocals type group from the mid 00s.

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  • no releases


wellington 5-piece in the rock/metal/prog vein (not to be confused with the british electronic act of the same name) who self-released their debut ep in 2000.


aproximate time period – 1982 – 1983, alien were comprised of bassist john kelcher (sneaky feelings), guitarist tucker, and a drummer and singer nick hall. they were particularly of interest because of their moody melody tinged music, and reasonably outstanding in their song writing. the band played sporadically, and low key, which would explain their relatively unknown status. they went on to mutate into ‘the wang” who i never actually saw play, but apparently included 2 bassists in the line-up, mike kime of expendables and breathing cage fame being the other bassist..

all fall down

christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80s) originally started life as a 4 piece with blair parkes (guitar / vocal), campbell taylor (bass), easther mcnaughton (violin / vocals), and brett lupton (drums). lupton was later replaced by bert aldridge and the band also acquired steven macintyre (guitar/vocals).
the band were a favorite support act for visiting flying nun bands and eventually released an ep on that label.

the band did have a knack for a good melodic hook, but had an off putting feyness to them occasionally. macintyre straightened the band out a lot with his well crafted simple tunes, perfectly captured in the wonderful actifed blues. parks and aldridge went on to form creeley, with sneaky feelings man john kelcher, macintyre left for asian worlds, campbell moved into video production.

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  • My Brand New Wallpaper Coat [1987 Flying Nun FN89]

alpaca brothers

dunedin based outfit comprised of nick wilkinson, bruce blucher (trash), a young steve cournane.

they were fast furious guitar [band] with thumping bass, made one ep and had a great song called the infinite tick. later they became trash hotel [who recorded as just trash] and were involved in a more theatrical chaos.. started performing the trash hotel at the art gallery … infamous performance and that ended with a supicious burglary of the art gallery.. no one found to blame.
later bruce and nick wanted to take the trash hotel overseas and went to thailand and bought a bar here they were to form the real “trash hotel” although it was short lived as the local prostitutes that wanted to protect their patch forced the boys to leave by gunpoint.

donald harman (ex-weetbix boys)

blucher returned to dunedin, performing alongside sandra bell and in the mid-90s outfit cyclops. wilkinson went way up north into obscurity, whilst cournane joined the verlaines, and later the skiffle group the weetbix boys, performing settling in to make a living as a touring jazz musician (with the likes of c.l. bob).

all red cables

prolific underground muso andrew spittle’s (dating godot) latest project, incorporating guitar and spittle’s lyrical touch.


dark exressway post-punk outfit featuring rachel shearer (guitar/vocals – later to become lovely midget), michael morley (guitar – dead c, wreck small speakers), stella corkery (drums) and deborah hinden (bass), pretty much in the same vein (and influenced by) other port-chalmers based bands of the era.
eventually angelheads’ shearer, hinden and corkery took on board flak / teeth‘ dienke jansen and rechristened the band queen meanie puss.

amazing charlton heston, the

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  • synthe vs friction x c.juuuuuus cassette [1984 industrial tapes Industrial010]