The Warners

Jon Baker, Deby Turner, John Micham, Chris Koole, Allen Stephenson, Mike Howie, Mike Mcdonald. Fairly popular outfit who started out with a couple of EPs (including their signature release Satellite Surfing) and an album in the late 80s, before resurfacing again in the mid 90s.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Elsie’s Got A Gun EP [1986 Meltdown]
  • Hit and Run [1988 Onslaught / Ima Hitt Cnt005]
  • Satellite Surfing 12″ EP [1989 Raw Power / Flying Nun Fn141]
  • Sitting Pretty Compilation [1994 Wildside D31142]
  • Crazy Horses Cd EP [1995 Wildside]
  • Bogan’s Heroes [1995 Wildside D31363]


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