a phenomenal band with an excruciatingly short discography, the doublehappys were the reunion outfit of high school chums (and both former bored games members) shayne carter and wayne elsey, along with their temperamental drum machine herbie fuckface. they toured the best part of continually through-out 1984 and early 1985 – recruiting john collie to take over on the kit, releasing just a duo of ep’s before (former leader of the brilliant, faultless stones) wayne elsey was tragically killed in a freak accident on a train.
collie and carter soon formed the straitjacket fits and the rest is history. flying nun later compiled all their recorded material along with live documents of their other songs on the fantastic ‘nerves’ cd – which is highly recommended.
picks in bold


  • ‘the other way’ 7″ single [1984 flying nun FN026]
  • cut it out ep [1985 flying nun DH002]
  • how much time left, please? ep [1990 live recording]

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