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The Topp Twins

Years of playing camping grounds, festivals and all sorts of alternative venues have turned the Topps into a household name in New Zealand, eventually becoming television stars with their scattered performances. Their performances include country yodel sing-a-longs, any number of sketch-character setups (usually with crowd involvement), and of course spoon solos.


Christchurch-based shoegazey indie-rock group that started out as a studio project but became a fairly successful touring group with 2 albums and an EP on band member Rob Mayes Failsafe Recordings.

This Night Creeps

Auckland-based punk-emo-type outfit featuring Luke Mcpake (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Brenorffer (Guitar/Vocals), Jeffrey Burch (Bass), Mark Seeney (Drums). After forming in 2002 the group found immediate exposure, thanks to the quickly rising profile of Auckland hardcore and their label ElevenFiftySeven.

Thought Creature

Forming in 2004 the Wellington-based trio of Will Rattray (Guitar and Vocals), Danny Brady (Bass, Synth) and Peter Copeland (Electronic Drums) started out as an slack-vocaled Surf-Rock group, however their sound has changed quite a lot over the years. After… Read More »Thought Creature


A highly influential christchurch outfit from 1991 to 1994 and comprised of Krkrkrk Founders Peter Wright, J-Mz Robinson and Richard Calder. The music was a kind of post-industrial, punk-pop-cabaret thingy with a good dose of self-deprecating humour. TMA-1 released numerous… Read More »TMA-1

These Wilding Ways

Jason Dempsey, Joel Haines, Michael O’Niell, Wayne Bell and Glen Robson. Discography Paul [1992 Tall Poppy D30774] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Twenty One Guns

Strait-up Hamilton hardcore 4-piece formed in late 2003 by ex-Bareknuckle Brawl members Luke Flintoff (Guitar / Bass), and Ryan Jordan (Vocals), along with Josh Moffit (Bass) and Ben Klinkenberg (Drums). Their debut Friends And Family is out on the up… Read More »Twenty One Guns

Three Leaning Men

Nigel Corbett, Alan and Lindsay Gregg, Greg Malcolm and Rhys Bevan. Discography Fun In The Key Of E [1987 Meltdown Melt006] Industrial Sunset [1987 Meltdown Melt007] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Thorazine Shuffle

Auckland band that made a few ripples in the late 90s with some low-key indie-pop songs. Consisting of Jules Barnett (Drums), Josh Hetherington (Guitar And Vocals), Aaron Carson, Chris Familton (Bass), Antony Mcdonald (Guitar) and Blair Miller (Drums). I remember… Read More »Thorazine Shuffle

Texas Rangers

Discography Texas Rangers Ep [Live Recording 1986 Ode Sodep253] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Tiger Tones

Young, exciting and eclectic Christchurch indie-pop group that emerged during 2006 to dominate the local scene alongside popular screamo act Not So Experimental. Led by talented guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Mark Holland, the group have a funky, dancy rhythm section in Ashlin Ross… Read More »Tiger Tones


Early Wildside hard-rock outfit comprised of Evan Roberts, Mike Young and Arthur Tauhore. Not to be confused with Bruce Bluchers’ Trash. Discography Flourish And Decay [1989 Intellect Intel1] Reason Rhyme Cassingle [1992 Wildside] Chemikaze [1992 Wildside 30720] Links BandCamp Page… Read More »Trasch

Tempo 38

Harcore / rock’n’roll outfit comprised of Parry (Vocals), Matt (Guitar), Hogga (Guitar), Kano (Bass) and Borlen (Drums) who have several releases on the Hastings-based Hit Your Head. Discography Our World Today Ep [2000 Hit Your Head] Break With Reality Ep… Read More »Tempo 38

Nathan Thompson

Computer scrapes and angular computer drones sounds perpetrated by the formerly Dunedin-based Sandoz Lab Technicians member. Discography Bell CD-r [2005 Celebrate Psi Phenomenon] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr