dead famous people

all-girl mid 80s flying nun outfit featuring wendy kjestrup, jenny renals, donna savage, robyn tearle, elizabeth leyland and gill moon. i picked up the ep (their sole new zealand release) recently and was suprised by the almost amateur approach of their musicianship.

though full of songs, they seem to have had a loose, unfocused style of playing – which featured synth textures over top of the usual guitar and drums approach. they eventually relocated to england and released a far more acclaimed, and apparantly quite excellent follow up ep ‘arriving late in torn and filthy jeans’ and the 1990 album ‘all hail the daffodil’.
picks in bold

  • lost persons area [1987 flying nun FN073]
  • arriving late in torn and filthy jeans ep [1989 utility UTIL7]
  • all hail the daffodil [1991 la-di-da LDD016]
  • secret girl’s business [2001 global routes]

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