barnard’s star

wonderful now-defunct 4-piece shoe-gazers out of the garden city that put out a single, along with a few college radio songs (guitarist marcus worked at local station rdu and the band enjoyed some moderate underground new zealand success) and a stunning 6-track album that turned out to be their parting recording some 2 years later. comparisons could be drawn to my bloody valentine, slowdive and nowhere era ride – but barnard’s star took a decidedly more etheral approach – distilling the shoe-gazer sound to a fine pulsing tone, which was quite a spectacle live.
playing coffee houses and small gigs in sporadic fashion, they became quite the cult act – especially due to their apparent lack of recorded material, so when they broke up in 2002 – their recordings became as scarce as the muscians themselves. guitarist marcus has gone on to form the undercurrents and now has involvement with the creation venue and art-space, whilst bass player helen and guitarist nick went into seclusion, eventually performing (so far a single gig!) material as helen and nick with a synth-drone focus. finally their drummer tyrone (who replaced original drummer fraser and also handled some drum programming and sampling duties on the ep) moved to sydney, forming electro outfit swingingtastybag.
picks in bold

  • ‘miasma’/’object #6’ 7″ lathe-cut [1998 beat atlas]
  • ‘miasma(helena)’/’nebula’ 7″ lathe-cut [1998 beat atlas]
  • barnard star [1999 beat atlas BEAT009] rn

recommended songs
download from

  • terabytes, terawattsrn
  • arc infityrn
  • jupiter spiralrn

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