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The Ashvins

The Flamin’ Werepigs

The Flamin’ Werepigs were a gritty 3-piece garage-rock outfit from Mid-Late 1990’s Palmerston North who got a couple of recordings put out by Kato Records thanks to pestering label head-honcho Andrew Tolley by faxing a cache of found pornography!

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A ‘dirty Palmy low-fi punk sludge band’ from the ever-talented Ross Harkness and a crew of The Stomach regulars. Released the majority of their material on their own DIY cassette and lathe cut imprint Lizard Mull Records. Their recordings have an endearing shambolic nature and some blistering guitar.

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The Ashvins

Biography a Palmerston North rock band from the mid 90’s. Had a couple EPs, then ran out of momentum, their collected material released on the posthumous self-titled album on Spotty Dog Records. Members Luke Badger (Guitar/Vocals, 1995) Paul Hirst (Bass/Vocals,… Read More »The Ashvins