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Legendary and short-lived indie punk label that debuted right on the cusp of the New Zealand underground explosion (i.e. they predate and are noted as a precursor to Flying Nun). Ripper was basically where New Zealand punk first surfaced with the likes of the Suburban Reptiles, the fleetingly popular Swingers, Scavengers etc – basically the cream of the early New Zealand punk scene.

Get hold of the ak79 compilation – later reissued as a joint release (with many bonus tracks) through Flying Nun and Propeller which was Rippers’ key archival document, and one of the finest compilations any New Zealand label has ever put out.

Compilation Discography (picks in bold)

  • AK79 [1980 RPR1]
  • Hauraki Homegrown 1980 [1980 RPR2]
  • Ghost Milk Soup [1981 RPR005]
  • Rip Shit Or Bust 12″ ep [1983 rip026]
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Semi Lemon Kola

Auckland based outfit started their time at the end of the eighties with a post shoe-gazey british sound. The band featured Tosh Graham – vocals, Rob Young – bass, Deryck Hunt – drums, Gareth Price – guitar. The band have stuck pretty strongly together and developed their sound progressively over the years. They self released as cassette in 94 and went on to release a couple of singles with a proper label, moving through the heavy guitar thang.

The band changed their name to Propeller and added a second guitarist in to the line up, making their sound a much more solid and melody driven affair. Their sound as of the end of 98 is focused powered pop. Quite good actually. They have recently self released a 12 track ep of out takes from their recent recordings.
– Rob Mayes

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Before Heaven Cassette [1994 BMG]
  • 12 Shades of Heaven lathe-cut 7″ [1999 King Records Worldwide]


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Spelling Mistakes

[The Spelling Mistakes ‘Feel So Good/Hate Me Hate/I Hate’] tied for first single [with The Features recorded debut]…also sold around a thousand and briefly broke even until Phonogram heard it and asked for their compilation advance cheque back..oh well.
Simon Grigg: taken from Griggs’ Propeller archive website.

2nd generation Auckland punk band featuring Nigel Russell who succumbed to the pressures of a boot-boy fan-base at the turn of the 80s. Released a double-album compilation on Fast Food some 23 years after originally forming, after several reunion performances during the late 90s. One of their most well known singles – the creatively titled ‘Rena’s Piss Flaps’ is reportedly based on Once Were Warriors actress Rena Owen.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Reena’s Piss Flaps’ 7″ Single [1980 W/ Whizz Kids Ripper Rip004]
  • Feels So Good 7″ Ep [1980 Ripper]
  • Hate Me Hate Me Ep [1980 Ripper Rev2]
  • We Still Hate The Spelling Mistakes [Compilation 1998]
  • Epileptic Apocalypse 1979 – 1999 [Compilation 2002 Fast Food]


Record Labels



Simon Griggs’ punk, punk-pop and two-tone label from the early 80’s.

Has occasionally resurfaced with one-off releases (including the follow up label Furtive – who had the distinction of debuting The Tall Dwarfs lengthy recording career) and has compiled a number of the labels low run 7″ singles into some very memorable compilations.

Propeller was instrumental of The Screaming Meemees phenomenal success, securing the rarest of the rare, an independently released New Zealand number one single with ‘See Me Go’ in 1981 – paving the way for future success from the likes of Flying Nun.

Propeller (like its short-lived successor Ripper) was initially formed to release the great catalog of underground punk bands that were still relatively unheard outside their regional fan-bases at the turn of the 80’s.

With the original two releases from The Features and Spelling Mistakes, respectively; Propeller started a swell of activity in the New Zealand scene that would eventually be documented by the Bigger Than The Both Of Us compilation LP, which featured releases from both Ripper and contemporary labels.

Propeller currently operates as Huh! Records, the home of revivalist hip-hop outfit 3 The Hard Way and Grigg’s various compilations, such as the reissued Bigger Than The Both Of Us, and the Give it a Whirl documentary soundtrack, both with domestic distribution through major-label Universal NZ.

Compilation Discography

  • The Class Of 81 [1981 REV201]
  • Doobie Doo Disc [1982 REV206]
  • We’Ll Do Our Best [1983 REV209]
  • Its Bigger Than The Both Of Us Double-Lp [1988 2rev210]
  • Ak79 Reissue [1993 Joint Reissue Venture With Flying Nun REV503]
  • Give It A Whirl Double-Cd [2003 REV504]
  • Its Bigger Than The Both Of Us Reissue [2003 REV505]

Contact Details

  • Propeller Records
  • PO Box 6284
  • Auckland 1036
  • New Zealand [postal address]



m artists

Milton Stowaways

An off-shoot of popular auckland act the Newmatics that featured Fiona Anderson, Sid Pasley, Kelly Rogers, Grant Hewson, Mark Densey and Benny Staples.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Tension Melle [1983 UnsungUn12]

  • Hired Togs [1983 Propeller Rev23]


n artists


Ground Breaking Christchurch Exponents Of Melodic Tinged Rock, Sort Of New Wave For The Time (1981-3). The Newtones Featured Tony Peak On Guitar And Vocals, Mark Brooks On Bass And Vocals And Graeme Van Der Colk On Drums, Replaced By Another Drummer Later On.
The Band Were Included On The Propeller Class Of 81 Compilation With ‘New Way’ And Then Self Released A 4 Track 7″ ‘Paint The Town Red’ Including Band Postcard, Followed By Another 7″ ‘My World”.

Accident Compilation Also Includes Another Track From The My World Sessions ‘ All Over The World’. The Band Were A Popular Fixture Of The Local Live Scene With A Few Impressive Guitar Pieces That Never Made It To Tape, Such As The Sonically Impressive Instrumental 4 Ships, Of Which No Know Recording Exist. The Band Eventually Disbanded With Peak Embarking On A Career As Influential Dj And Night-Club Entrepreneur Pioneering The Local Club Scene And Introducing Many To New Uk Sounds.

Brooks Eventually Formed The Whiteboys Who Controversially Won The Influential 1985 Christchurch Battle Of The Bands Up Against Many Of Christchurch’S Finest. The Whiteboys Also Featured Future Dolphin Member Kevin Stokes On Guitar, And Steve Birss On Drums. [Rob Mayes]

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Paint The Town Red Ep [1981 Newtones MusicNewt1]


n artists

No Tag

Andrew Boake, Mark, Carl And Paul.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Can We Get Away With It? [Live Recording 1983 Propeller Rev208]