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Brothers Gorgonzola

Christchurch, or maybe Wellington group that released a split 7″ single on Campbell McLay’s Onset/Offset records in 1986. Played with The Axemen at some point. The members would go on to form a number of Wellington-based groups.

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Dillinger’s Brain

Christchurch trio fronted by The Puddle’s Norman Dufty. Urgent, shuffling indie-rock, with warbly vocals (part Morrissey, part Stephen Cogle) and the occasional clarinet (from Dave Woods) sneaking through.

Onset/Offset Records founder Campbell McLay (bass) and Donna Lawson (drums) complete the trio; who released an LP split with Lawson’s other group Junkanoo in 1986, then followed it up with a couple cassettes in 1987.

Thanks to German label Unwucht re-issuing a heap of old Onset/Offset releases their appearance on the Krypton Ten compilation is now (slightly) more accessible.

The McGoohans

Christchurch-based punky proto-grunge outfit that formed after the dissolution of Ian Blenkinsop’s Drowning Is Easy, a 4-piece that featured Blenkinsop along with future Scorched Earth Policy band-mate Mick Elborado, Craig Davison and Andrew Valance. Noted rock music historian George Churton would replace Elborado on bass and eventually become the lead vocalist.

Scorched Earth Policy

Excellent early Flying Nun band from Christchurch featuring 3 future Terminals (Stapleton, Elborado and Crook).
Some terrific songs that build suspense and tension with galloping drums, rumbling bass and a cacophony of guitar, organ and violin.

Perfect Strangers - Bot to be taken

Perfect Strangers

A shambling blues-rock trio of notorious obscurity, driven by the sheer creative talent of Bill Vosburgh – they split a 12″ EP with The And Band – who shared member Mark Thomas.


An early to mid 1980’s alias for Onset/Offset records Campbell McLay. A strictly DIY affair, engineered like a million other Christchurch records at the time by Arnie van Bussell at Nightshift Studios.

The Riptoids

Christchurch lo-fi rock group from the mid 1980’s with an ever-changing line-up and several releases on group member Campbell McLay’s ‘Onset/Offset’ label.

Sarah Richards

Discography Split Cassette [w/ Rachel Grant 1988 Onset/Offset SRRG001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Biography One of Campbell McLay’s original Onset/Offset groups, fronted by Sarah Richards. The Bottletops put out an EP in 1983, then took 2 years to resurface on a split EP alongside McLay’s Toerag. Members Sarah Richards (Vocals, 1983 – 1985)… Read More »Bottletops


Tiny Christchurch-based label initiated by Campbell McLay, that put out cassette (and some vinyl) releases from the likes of the Bottletops and the Riptoids, and continues to release Ritchie Venus’s many cdr releases (Venus aka Michael Braithwaite is involved in… Read More »Onset/Offset


Rex Bourke, Joanne Kickoff, Maria, Liz Cohor, Rebecca Shanahan, Noel Ward, Tim Mahon and Tane Tokona. Discography ‘When Judy Gets Out’/’She Said Let’S Kiss’/’You Cure Me’ 7″ Single [1987 Flying Nun Records Fn089] Rn See Your Colours [1991 Flying Nun… Read More »Strangeloves

Ziggy Stardust Band

Biography Mysterious Onset/Offset group who recorded at Arnie van Bussell’s infamously low-rent Nightshift Studios using the aliases Ziggy Stardust, Rolandski, Polandski and Bollandro. Members Ziggy Stardust (Guitar/Vocals/Synth, 1986 – 1988) Rollandski (Drums, 1986 – 1988) Pallandski (Bass, 1986 – 1988)… Read More »Ziggy Stardust Band

Kathryn Tait

Discography Original Songs [1989 Onset/Offset Pra2044] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Discography Song For Suzie Cassette [1989 Onset/Offset S001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr