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Putty in Her Hands

Poppy post-punk from Charlotte Yates and Christine Jeffs (now a movie director). Released an EP, expanded to a 6-piece band featuring Jackie Clarke on additional vocals, then split in 1990 with Yates going on to record her own solo material.

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Auckland-based rock group from the mid 1980’s with an atmospheric sound. Put out an EP on Jayrem and a 2nd on Hip Singles. The members would later resurface in Hoi Polloi


Wellington 1980’s Hair Metal group, played alongside the likes of Strikemaster and Knightshade (on the 3 band metal compilation ‘3 points of Metal’. Formed after the dissolution of popular group Rose Bayonet.

Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine

The early 2000’s recording outfit of Jordan Reyne. Built around Reyne’s strong vocals and a variety of musicians, mostly of the studio-pro variety (which currently includes Trinity Roots’ Rikki Gooch).

Naked Spots Dance

Early 80s Wellington post-punk outfit in the style of the Au Pairs, with long-standing members Kate Walker and Stephen Norris, plus a rotating cast of drummers and vocalists, including well-known Actor/Comedian Jennifer Ward-Leland and future Oscar winner Fran Walsh.

Avant Garage

Ira Robbins (Trouser Press): “A jazzy-cum-classical nine-person ensemble with clarinets, cello, tuba and bassoon (in addition to guitar, bass and drums), New Zealand’s determinedly oddball Avant Garage sounds like something Zappa might have done in his Dada orchestral phase.”


Biography Graham Carman (Bass, Vocals), Russ Mattar (Drums), Lance Wiltshire (keyboards, Vocals) and Greg White (Vocals, Guitar). Released a single and an EP on Jayrem in 1984. Members Graham Carman (Bass, Vocals, 1984) Russ Mattar (Drums, 1984) Lance Wiltshire (Keyboards,… Read More »Actors

The Brainchilds

Biography Mid 90’s precursor to The Thrashing Marlins who put out a couple releases on specialist labels Jayrem and Braille Record. Members Janet Roddick (Organs/Vocals/Trombone, 1994) David Donaldson (Bass, 1994) Tim Robinson (Drums, 1994) Steve Roche (Guitar/Vocals/Trumpet, 1994) Discography The Brainchilds… Read More »The Brainchilds

Six Volts

Carrying on from Four Volts, Six Volts added Steve Roche and David Long to the original line-up of David and Anthony Donaldson, Neill Duncan and Janet Roddick. Discography Something’s Burning [As 4 Volts 1986 Braille Brai5] The Hills Are Alive… Read More »Six Volts

Cassandra’s Ears

Biography Dunedin based pop-rock featuring a young Jan Hellriegel, backed by Vanessa Anich, Flick Rhind, Sarah McNab, Megan Miller, Leanne Ibell and Zan Wright. released a couple of EP’s during their short tenure: 1988-1991. Members Jan Hellriegel (Guitar/Vocals/Piano, 1988 –… Read More »Cassandra’s Ears


Originally a three-piece from Featherston in the Wairarapa district – Strikemaster were a rock outfit with a grounding in the blues and were initially comprised of Paul Cullen (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Steve Elliott (Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals), John Prentice (Drums) and later… Read More »Strikemaster