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Dave Dobbyn

DD Smash

dave dobbyn‘s early 80s pop outfit, with peter warryn, rob guy, lisle kinney, scott calhoun, ian morris, gary langsfor and andrew clouston. big singles with ‘devil you know’, ‘whaling’ and of course the staple ‘outlook for thursday’ (which dark tower… Read More »DD Smash

Christian Rock [Christchurch Band]

Flashback to May 2013: An interview and article on what was Rhett Copland’s latest group – the spuriously named Christian Rock. Written by contributor Andrew Barry, along with photos I took at the ‘Sickest Smashes from Arson City’ compilation album release party.

#nzmusic #christianrock

Th’ Dudes

along with ian morris (who later joined him in dd smash), bruce hambling, peter coleman, lez white and pat urlich, the dudes were dave dobbyn‘s late 70s / early 80s pop band (though slightly more rock-orientated than the later outfit)… Read More »Th’ Dudes

Atomic Blossom

Biography The brainchild of Christchurch musician Dean Karena who first came to local prominence with his previous band Naked Lunch in 1990. [Atomic Blossom had] their first performance at an outdoor concert at the Dux de Lux in Christchurch, first up… Read More »Atomic Blossom

Dave Dobbyn

one of new zealands most successful singer/song-writers, dave dobbyn has been involved in a plethora of bands (the swingers, dd smash et all) and released a number of acclaimed albums of his own material over the last 30-odd years, accumulating… Read More »Dave Dobbyn


highly political, yet brilliantly melodic and evocative all-maori band focused on pacific style guitar and percussion (and ever changing line-up included dilworth karaka, charles, tumahai, thom nepia, morrie watene, tama lundon, gordon joll and tama renata). infamously released the killer… Read More »Herbs


Highly regarded studio-based outfit comprised of core members Andrew Thorne and Wayne Bell who have had a critically acclaimed debut (2000’s Stereo Happiness) and toured as support bands for the likes of Dave Dobbyn, filling out the line-up with Joel… Read More »Splitter