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Space Dust


A Christchurch institution of absent idols (only John Christoffels still resides in the garden city from the classic line-up), dating back to 1993 but seldom surfacing more than a single gig every couple of years. The group was original formed by Duane Zarakov, Mick Elborado and Brother Love – with Zarakov’s sister Violet up-front in her first band, and Christoffels on bass.

Beatle! – Originally intended as their debut release

A series of guitarists and organists came and went over a productive period during the mid 1990’s, with the group recording 3 albums and cutting a number of releases on vinyl for both American (18 Wheeler, Carburetor) and New Zealand (Kato, Homebacon, Stink Magnetic) labels.

The debut ‘Beatle!’ got stuck unreleased for a period as the label behind the release (18 Wheeler) went on an unexpected hiatus.

US Pressing of Debut Single

The group managed to tour the United States with a make-shift line-up comprising the core trio of Violet Faigan, Duane Zarakov and Brother Love, with Doug Pearson and John Allen joining the line-up – without Violet they became the Brother Love band.

The group enjoyed some visibility with their songs included on the New Zealand feature film ‘Snakeskin’, which coincided with the release of their 1999 CD ‘No Kissing In Public’. The single ‘Too Much Action’ was given a video and his probably their most well-known song. The album was reissued by Powertool Records in 2014.

Violet Faigan moved to Auckland, so for a period the group was comprised of Faigan, Zarakov and the Constant Pain duo of Roddy Pain and Cameron Bain, though further line-up changes continued up their too (Sean O’Reilly on bass and occasionally Brother Love would venture North from his new home of Wellington to complete the line-up).


  • Pat Faigan / Duane Zarakov (Drums)
  • Violet Faigan (Vocals)
  • Mick Elborado (Guitar / Organ)
  • Marty Henderson / Brother Love (Guitar)
  • John Christoffels (Bass)
  • Matt Alien / Matt Johnstone (Guitar)
  • Matt Middleton (Clarinet)
  • Anabel Alpers (Organ)
  • Doug Pearson (Synthesizer / Violin)
  • John Allen (Bass)
  • Lisa Preston (Organ)
  • Bill Fosby (Guitar)
  • John Segovia (Guitar)
  • Rob Haarkman / Rock Hardman (Keyboards)
  • Cameron Bain (Guitar)
  • Roddy Pain (Guitar)
  • Sean O’Reilly (Bass)
  • Simon Cumings (Electronics)
  • Chris Heazlewood (Guitar)
  • Rich Mixture (Drums)


  • ‘Cool Car’ 7″ Single [1994, Homebacon / 18 Wheeler, EWR-008]
  • Beatle! [1995, 18 Wheeler, EWR014]
  • First To The Future [1995, Carburetor Records]
  • No Kissing In Public [1999, Homebacon Music]
  • Live 93 Cassette [Stink Magnetic, MAG24]


  • Duane Zarakov’s History of Space Dust from The Axemen Blog
  • Discogs Entry
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The Aesthetics


Energetic screaming, rugged rhythms and a sloppy swagger that suits anyone looking for a glaring upheaval of standard musical thoroughfare…” “…equivalent to a hyperactive Daniel Johnston recklessly exorcising himself of inner demons with the help of the finest extra-lo-fi equipment.

– Andrew Magilow; Splendid Magazine

‘Destructo-rock’ outfit extraordinaire. Originally formed in Dunedin by Matt Middleton (aka Crude), Rustle Covini and j-Mz Robinson in 1995 in a purely punk flavor, after a few successful parties and the odd gig, j-Mz was replaced by Shaun Jury – the line-up that released the debut ‘My Right to Riches’ LP.

Crude’s Matt Middleton has erupted from the shackles of noise to stomp the grounds of sonic punkdom. Following his forefathers in bands like The Pin Group, Henchmen, and La De Da’s, monsieur Middleton has carved a new sound.

– Forced Exposure

By 1997 Stefan Neville (Pumice / The Futurians) had replaced Covini, but then left in 1998 – off to Auckland, along with Shaun. Pat Kraus (drums) and Fyfe (bass) made up the numbers for the rest of the bands career, eventually releasing the ‘Off’ LP before splitting in 2001.


  • Matt Middleton (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Saxophone/Drums, 1995 -)
  • Rustle Covini (Drums)
  • James Robinson (Bass)
  • Shaun Jury (Bass/Guitar
  • Stefan Neville (Drums)
  • Pat Kraus (Drums)
  • Fyfe (Electronics)
  • Jason Barrett (Bass/Saxophone)
  • Edie Stevens (Bass)
  • Lynton Denovan (Drums)
  • Malcolm Deans (Drums)


  • College Rock Cassette (1997, Dirtlove Records)
  • I Just Don’t Get It 7″ Lathe (1997, Dirtlove)
  • Dunedin Punks 7 Cassette (1997, A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording)
  • Doomtown Fuzz Lathe-Cut 7″ (1997, Dirtlove)
  • My Right To Ritches LP (1999, Ecstatic Peace!, E#4b)
  • Split Ep Lathe-Cut 7″ (W/ The Ho Dogs, Dirtlove)
  • Secrets Of Japanese Nationalism Double 8″ Lathe-Cut (Crawlspace / Dirtlove)
  • Crown Sat Nov 11 Cassette (W/ Murdering Monsters 2001, Slag Strut Records)
  • Off (2001, Mental Telemetry, Tele003)
  • Ugly Ambition (2009, Artless Intent, AI006)
  • Dusk Husk 7″ Lathe (2010, Epic Sweep, ES002)
  • Live at the Crown Cassette (2011, Epic Sweep, ES011)



b artists

Duncan Bruce


What makes this album great is the aforementioned brevity of the pieces.
Duncan spans all shapes of the volume curve, sliding through landscapes of barren glacial shifts, torn loudspeaker edits and ye olde drone, and letting the feedback go as it were, all done to a virtually perfect effect for the perfect amount of time.
– Freedom From
Later recordings have featured the likes of Tim Cornelius (Sandoz Lab Technicians), Clayton Noone (The Futurians), Lee Noyes, Matt Middleton (Crude) etc.


  • Duncan Bruce
  • Clayton Noone (Guitar, 2008)
  • Lee Noyes (Reeds, 2008)
  • Tim Cornelius (Saxophone/Electronics/Reeds/Tapes, 2008)


  • Untitled Artist Series 8″ Lathe-Cut (w/ Wayne Gordon 1999, Crawlspace)
  • Holsun Cassette (2000, Freedom From, FF0107)
  • Economic Target Split-Cassette (W/ Crude, Root Don Lonie For Cash)
  • Still The Man Cassette (W/ Clayton Noone, Extemporanious)
  • Laws Of Association Volumes I & Ii Double-Cassette (Coadm)
  • Some Of That French Avant-Garde Shit Cassette (Dirtlove)
  • New Glass Tapu CDr (2008, lf Records, lf005)



c artists


the one-man band that is matt middleton. using a variety of instruments (all the usuals along with clarinet and studio baffonary) middleton produced a bunch of self-release tapes in the early 90s, before flying nun released the inner city guitar perspectives compilation in 1996. matt has since made a bit of an underground name for himself due to an exorbitent release schedule and a oddly compelling noise-tainted lo-fi and electronic manipulation.
middleton landed in christchurch (from invercargill) in the mid-90s, befriending drummer-supremo and general guy-in-the-know on underground music duane zarakov – eventually becoming a member of the live spacedust crew. again relocating – this time to dunedin, and forming the rock-assault squad the aesthetics middleton grew more and more prolific, with american cd-r label mental telemetry releasing a series of his cd-r’s.
picks in bold

  • the world is so you have something to stand on cassette [1994]
  • notes from the micro-community cassette []
  • we shall nurture solipsists cassette []
  • crn9143 cassette []
  • dominion as delusion cassette []
  • sottogoverno cassette []
  • nuevold cassette []
  • kama ka z cassette []
  • order cassette []
  • gpi cassette []
  • end of the world cassette []
  • exp heavy metal cassette []
  • scd-2 cassette []
  • anorexic cassette []
  • unlimited credits cassette []
  • bionica 7″ ep [crawlspace SPACE004]
  • ‘imbroglio’/’quork’ 7″ lathe-cut single [1995 trinder TM04] rn
  • ‘fear part 2’/’lexican 3’ 7″ lathe-cut single [dirtlove] rn
  • inner city guitar perspectives [1996 flying nun FN363]
  • worlds worst saxophone solos vol. 48 8″ lathe-cut [crawlspace] rn
  • refute a myth society [1997]
  • sax sothis [1998]
  • beta test lathe cut [1998 a stabbies and the rocket recording]
  • artless intent signatures vol. 1 cd-r [mental telemetry]
  • bank cd-r [mental telemetry AI001]
  • catelogue of meaninglessness cd-r [mental telemetry AI002]
  • artless intent signatures vol. 1 cd-r [mental telemetry AI003]
  • controlled payment technologies cd-r []
  • intelsat 707 cd-r []
  • c3 cd-r []
  • death satellite 2 cd-r []
  • stalino cybernetics cd-r []
  • sci-fi sound cd-r []
  • mikro-tek cd-r []
  • cyp3a5 cd-r []
  • proliferation of drones cd-r []
  • web ep 1 [the stray] cd-r []
  • web ep 2 and 3 [stand your ground] cd-r []
  • auto series volumes one to nine 9 cd-r []
  • raytheon cd-r []
  • stored value system cd-r []
  • fasb 52 cd-r []
  • capitalist experiment cd-r []
  • nasdaq cd-r []
  • mars cd-r []
  • datastream cowboy cd-r []
  • popular source codes cd-r []
  • slow code cd-r []
  • auto series volumes 1 to 9 cd-r []
  • special edition cd-r []
  • informatik 105 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • new fundamentals cd-r []
  • resistant protein cd-r []
  • sax serpentine cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • intelsat 103 cd-r []
  • sax serpentine (remix) cd-r [mental telemetry AI004]
m artists

Matt Middleton

Matt Middleton, otherwise known as Crude, a founding member of the Aesthetics and now part of the live Spacedust ensemble, Middleton is an increasingly productive guy, with a distinct approach to lo-fidelity, trash-electro or screaming noise – Middleton has traversed a catelogue of genres, and brings a distinct sound to every style he tries.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Clarinet Exercises 7″ Lathe-Cut Ep [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Bradstreet’/’Love Theme 03’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Please Pass’/’Crude Kingston’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Sexy Lady’/’Society’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • Turbo Spunk Triple 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1996 Crawlspace]


m artists

Murdering Monsters

Dunedin-Based Outfit Who Released A Split Ep With Matt ‘Crude‘ Middleton’S Aesthetics, Along A Couple Other Lo-Fi Low-Rent Releases.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 10 Truck Driving Classics Cassette [1999 Slag Strut Ss1]
  • Crownsatnov11 Cassette [W/ Aesthetics Slag Strut Ss2]
  • Murdering Mosters Lathe-Cut 7″ [Slag Strut Ss3]