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The Androidss


The Androidss were world famous in Christchurch. This band was very important on the local scene for it’s melodic post punk Rock/Pop sound, a la Television.

They were a regular performing outfit at the Gladstone. They reportedly had a large set of wonderful tunes, most unfortunately lost to history save the¬†Accident Compilation¬†track Mr Fish, taken from a live recording of a Gladstone performance and a double A-side single “Auckland Tonight / Getting Jumpy” on Ripper Records.

Eric and Steve were twins, Neil and Mark were brothers. The band had some strange aura associated with them, a couple of the band had done time in jail and there was this drug connotation that connected itself to their gigs, but not necessarily their music. Undeniably the band produced some standalone great music, pure guitar pop.

Bassist Frankie went on to work with Rex Visible in Not Really Anything.

I never saw the Androidss perform live and never actually met any of the band members directly, so the band is a bit of an enigma to me, just their reputation and their music left to impress me. One band I really wish I’d caught live.

– Rob Mayes on Failsafe RecordsWebsite


  • Frankie Steentjes (Bass, 1979 – 1983)
  • Mark Wilson (Vocals/Guitar, 1979 – 1983)
  • Neil Spence (Guitar, 1979 – 1983)
  • Mark Spence (Keyboards, 1979 – 1983)
  • Eric Marsden (Drums, 1979 – 1983)
  • Steve Marsden (Guitar/Vocals, 1979 – 1983)


  • Getting Jumpy 7″ Single (1981, Ripper Records, RIP020)
  • Auckland Tonight 12″ Single (2009, Self-Released)


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Belle Motions


The Belle Motions were a fine pop blast, strongly melodic and guitar led.

They didn’t make much of an impact locally but I remember enjoying the chiming guitar tones and melodies of this band. The band played with guitars handmade by Scott, and Wilson played an eight stringed Hagstrum, which featured a higher octave string next to each of the normal strings.

Ollie Scott is a world authority on Buster Keaton and has written a definitive book on him.

– Rob Mayes at Failsafe Records

Belle Motions sole recording ‘Living‘ was included on Failsafe RecordsBiding Out Time’ compilation.

David Toland also played with The Playthings, Springloader, Chicane, and Future Stupid.


  • Donna Sheene (Vocals/Guitar, 1986?)
  • Ollie Scott (Guitars, 1986?)
  • David Toland (Drums, 1986?)
  • Mark Wilson (Bass, 1986?)