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Biography Now defunct old Christchurch punk band from the late 90s / early 00s based around core members Kyle Denovan on guitar and vocals, and myself (Chris Andrews) on bass and accompanying vocals. Starting with just the duo and playing… Read More »Mysterioball


old synth and computer gear hound, video-game fanatic and general party-guy luke rowell. a one-man band encompassing retro-eletro synths, groove-box arrangement and fucking great beats, often based on old video games, disasteradio are a quickly ascending force in the wellington… Read More »Disasteradio!

Campbell Kneale

wellington experimental musician, proprietor of the celebrate psi phenomenon label, and the force behind birchville cat motel. kneale usually reserves his own name for collaborations with solo musicians, including one release (the silver chair cd-r) that he recorded with his… Read More »Campbell Kneale


Christchurch punk-ska. Discography Beer Pressure EP [199?] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Wellington metal outfit formed in 1997 and comprised of Rhys Williams (Rhythm Guitar), Martin Gadd (Vocals), Peter Elliott (Drums), Steve Goodfellow (Bass) and Paul Mclaren (Lead/Rhythm Guitar). Discography In The Zone Ep [2002 Self-Released] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on… Read More »Shakhan

Andrew Keoghan

Auckland-based songwriter (and the brother of Television host Phil Keoghan) who has come to prominence with the release of his debut album Arctic Tales Divide, which was nominated for the prestigious Taite Music Prize in April 2012. Keoghan has toured… Read More »Andrew Keoghan


Discography Song For Suzie Cassette [1989 Onset/Offset S001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Stefan Neville

Stefan Neville, The Man Behind Pumice And Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings Released An Unusually Titled Cd-R Under His Own Name In 2003. – You’re not welcome cd-r Stefan Neville is the incredibly talented musician behind Pumice, as well as… Read More »Stefan Neville

Age Pryor

wellington-based solo artist (and multi-instrumentalist) age pryor has slowly been gaining attention since the release of his sophmoric solo album city chorus. very downbeat and heartfelt in approach, pryor recorded the album with contributions from tessa rain (vocals), kerry wood… Read More »Age Pryor


5-piece pop-punk / white-trash hip-hop outfit out of Auckland, admirable for their give-it-a-go home-brewed approach to music and video production (their self-produced ‘White-Trash’ video was a huge hit), but pretty throw-away when it comes to actual music. Steriogram have built… Read More »Steriogram


Auckland emo with Stefan Thompson (Ex-Migraine And Balance). Jay Dougrey, Christian Humphreys, Ryan Thomas, Stefan Thompson, Jeremy Toy. The band added second vocalist Milon for their 2004 album Say What You Want. Discography More Songs [1997 Kafuey] Fast Cars, Slow… Read More »Sommerset


Auckland-based pop-punk group who managed to find a modicum of success thanks to their throw-away single ‘Bruce’, along with singer Paul Reid’s visibility as a former Shortland Street star.