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147 Swordfish

One of the crop of great bands to surface for 1992’s Operation Music Storm competition 147 Swordfish made the finals coming second and impressing judges and audience with their well crafted sound and strongly melodic undercurrent. Songs like ‘love’ are… Read More »147 Swordfish

Space Dust

Biography A Christchurch institution of absent idols (only John Christoffels still resides in the garden city from the classic line-up), dating back to 1993 but seldom surfacing more than a single gig every couple of years. The group was original… Read More »Space Dust


Biography One-off 3-song 7″ on Flying Nun Records from King Losers’ Sean O’Reilly and the mysterious DD Mack (aka the artist Saskia Leek). Members Discography Links

No Tag

Andrew Boake, Mark, Carl And Paul. Discography Can We Get Away With It? [Live Recording 1983 Propeller Rev208] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Sugar Jon

Solo releases from Armpit‘s Sugar Jon. Discography The Pit Master [W/ Cja, Smokehouse Root Don Lonie For CashRdl017] 5 Hard Rock Solo Cassette [Root Don Lonie For CashRdl030] Butch Cassette [Root Don Lonie For CashRdl033] Aggro Lathe-Cut 7″ [Root Don… Read More »Sugar Jon


Biography 3-piece Christchurch rock outfit in a fairly Unwound-style vein with dramatic guitar tension and vocals that veer between hushed and dramatic. Lome is a three-piece comprised of the ex-Substandard duo of Danny Bare and Gareth Heta along with Bare’s… Read More »Lome

The Situations

Biography Formerly known as Devil Gate Drive, The Situations are a young South Auckland rock’n’roll 4-piece comprised of Glen, Stu, Sam and Brad. They got a lot of exposure New Zealand wide due to the 2004 Schools Tour, then promptly… Read More »The Situations


unsigned but productive auckland rock outfit (named after the fridge!) comprised of james clark (vocals), mark stebben (bass / vocals), matt barnett (guitar / vocals), erik johansen (guitar – recently departed for spain) and andrew parkin (drums). been around since… Read More »Leonard

The Offbeats

Wellington based 7-piece ska band with a fairly large following, after a number of tracks on a variety of ska compilations, along with their own self-titled album and an ep. Discography just begun ep [1996] the offbeats [2000] Links BandCamp… Read More »The Offbeats

Paul Guilford

new zealand-born visual artists and musician, also responsible for recordings under the name paul h. locasta and as artificial subterranne. currently residing back in new zealand, guilford has been involved with american indie outfit the charalambides along with appearing on… Read More »Paul Guilford

Shoes This High

Biography Arty post-punk band (originally out of Wellington, then Auckland) formed around Brent Hayward With Kevin Hawkins, Jessica Walker and Chris Plummer. Kevin Hawkins passed away in 1988. Members Discography Links


chris and shayne mason, ljinon mihell and brett frazer. put out an ep on new future (with the lovely title of ‘radio w.a.n.k.’) that seems to pop up everywhere. Discography picks in bold radio w.a.n.k. [new future NOUVEAU001]

Flip Grater

Formerly Christchurch and now Auckland-based singer-songwriter with an Indie-Country feeling to her songs. Flip reached a greater level of exposure with the release of her own cookbook, which consisted of many vegetarian meals, and which she toured around New Zealand… Read More »Flip Grater

Belle Motions

Biography The Belle Motions were a fine pop blast, strongly melodic and guitar led. They didn’t make much of an impact locally but I remember enjoying the chiming guitar tones and melodies of this band. The band played with guitars… Read More »Belle Motions