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Thin Red Line

Don’t Make Noise

Christchurch free-noise group featuring future Breathing Cage bandmates Greg Malcolm and Michael Kime, plus Into the Void’s Paul Sutherland and the drums of John Kennedy.

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Out of the Compost

Wellington group from the late 1980’s; notably sponsored by the NZ Student Arts Council. A review of the debut EP turned up in Feminist magazine ‘Broadsheet’ and there’s a very short clip of them performing at the 1987 Mangawhai Women’s Festival.

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Surplus Sons of a Factory Nation

Short-lived Industrial Punk from notable Palmerston North musician, venue owner / manager / promoter Dave White, with Zane Hookham and Rob Groats.

White was the manager of The Stomach, which served as the focal-point of Palmerston North’s underground music scene in the 1990’s and he self-produced and released their extremely rare 7″ single and 10″ EP lathe’s individually (with handmade covers) on old EMI blank acetates.

Thin Red Line

John Kennedy, Karen Rush, Steve Thomas, Dave White, Greg and Kirsten Finucane, Valerie Wycoff, Jim Lovell-Smith and Fiona Masters. Discography Thin Red Line Ep [1985 Ode Fodep225] Simplicity Ep [1986 Ode Sodep246] Lie Of The Land [1987 Ode Sode274] Links… Read More »Thin Red Line