NOTE: This post probably contains quite a few errors and an inaccurate timeline – there is very little info online about old Christchurch venues, so I welcome all corrections and additions!

Also known as: Part of ‘The Archive’, along with Galaxy Records and Next Gallery

Location: 336 St Asaph St, Central Christchurch

Center map

Current Status: Running!

Active as a live music venue: 2011 –

Bar Manager: Marcus Winstanley

Bookings: info@darkroom.bar

Website: http://darkroom.bar

Capacity: 100

After the devastating Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 closed (or even destroyed) virtually all of Christchurch’s live venues, entrepreneur Jasper Bryant-Greene and local musician T’Nealle Worsley (Bang! Bang! Eche!) saw a vacant hole in the local live music scene.

With virtually no previous building experience, the duo started the conversion of an old clothing manufacturing warehouse on St Asaph street, stripping the site back to the bare wood before installing a full bar, stage, upstairs accommodation, toilets…

Charlie Ryder of Bang! Bang! Eche! at The Archive’s opening party

Initially an all-ages house-party was held in May 2011, christening the building as ‘The Archive’ with performances from Valdera, The Transistors and Bang! Bang! Eche! – an absolutely stonking welcome back to live music in the garden city.

Once the full renovations were completed the bar itself was christened ‘Darkroom’ – Bryant-Greene developed the in-house ordering / payment himself and Worsley brought substantial inside knowledge and previous experience (despite her young age) to booking excellent live acts and running the bar.

The duo put substantial care in developing strong craft alcohol selections and creating a relaxed environment with comfortable refurbished furniture – even the outside (but enclosed) drive-way was utilized as a smokers area.

Log Horn Breed at Darkroom

Darkroom lives up to its name – the venue is VERY dark, particularly around the stage itself. They have a great PA system with strong foldback wedges and a powerful PA that is more than a match for the size of the room (which itself is quite small).

The mixing desk sits opposite the stage and is sheltered from other noise in the venue, making for nice and clear band/desk communication. A 2nd floor space beside the desk has been used in the past for a 2nd stage, allowing for long band line-ups with quick change-overs.

Hannah Harding aka Aldous Harding, at Darkroom in October 2011.

Darkroom was immediately successful. An early show by Bachelorette had people queuing out the door, and as one of the few available performance spaces in Christchurch they had their pick of live acts. Though as is the case with most venues – even some future super-stars found it tough to draw large crowds at times:

I used to play there with Aldous Harding every 3rd Wednesday to approx 5 – 10 people, for free.
– Simon Gregory

Marlon Williams did a short residency, playing to similar crowds, sometimes only to the staff. And The Unfaithful Ways. And All Seeing Hand, plus many, many more.

– John Bell

Galaxy Records moved in to an available space in the Archive, and for a period RDU ran a remote studio from the site, too. The last space in the building was refurbished and turned in to an art gallery, originally called Room 4 – however after this closed an additional stage was built and this back room space became available for paid gigs (Mick Harvey, Die! Die! Die! and Shayne P Carter etc), while Darkroom retained a free entry policy.

With the venues general success (and a keen interest in upmarket liquors), the duo decided to open a 2nd venue – the New Regent Street whiskey bar The Last Word. Eventually Worsley would take over running The Last Word.

Photo I took of Peter Gutteridge at his last Christchurch show at the Darkroom, March 2012

However in 2015 some financial issues were unearthed encompassing both bars – as a result over the course of several months several changes would take place.

Fine whiskey importer Whiskey Galore decided it was in their best interest to keep The Last Word open, and took over the running of the bar as it looked like it was to close.

Marcus Winstanley would take over propriety of Darkroom, starting a new chapter in the venues promising history. Thankfully Winstanley is a fixture of the local music scene (as a guitarist or drummer in a variety of bands – Barnard’s Star, The Undercurrents, Minisnap etc) and was previously a tutor at Christchurch’s MAINZ music recording school – for a period he was the venue manager of the Media Club, and has been involved with several other venues over the years as well.

Winstanley made several changes on taking over the venue:

I decided all shows (Darkroom included) needed cover charges and it was a lot of work to have both venues going and personally, I thought the sound quality in the back room was sub-par, so I decided to flag it.

Rebecca started up the gallery again so it’s been running as NEXT Gallery since 2016. After they moved from New Regent Street (Next door to The Last Word), the Canterbury Society of Sonic Artists operated their venue The Auricle out of NEXT Gallery from July 2016-July 2017

– Marcus Winstanley

Darkroom Alleyway

As of Winter 2017, Darkroom is the most active live music venue in Christchurch, with firm connections to up-and-coming bands (through Winstanley’s connections to MAINZ, plus a young clientele), as well as plenty of established bands up-and-down the country on tap.

Darkroom also hosts comedy and performance nights, and has strong ties to both the gallery and record store, with the occasional market or special event that encompasses each.

The Original DarkSpace

Lastly Darkroom has established a strong connection with Space Academy – the multi-use venue opposite on St Asaph Street; so far this has resulted in a handful of co-hosted multi-venue events (i.e. ‘Dark Space’), plus shows are usually planned to accommodate each others crowds.


2011: The Archive debuts with a warehouse party in May – eventually Darkroom opens as the music venue, with Galaxy records following.

2013: Darkroom proprietors Bryant-Greene and Worsley launch The Last Word whiskey bar on New Regent Street.

2015: Marcus Winstanley takes over the proprietorship of Darkroom.

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Darkroom’s 1st Birthday

Brown Leaves
Brown Leaves

The dynamic duo of T’Nealle Joie (Bang! Bang! Eche!) and Jasper Bryant-Greene (who ran the Gold Sounds record label, releasing T54’s first recordings) saw a hole in the Christchurch Music and entertainment market after the earthquakes of February 2011. With virtually no live music venues in the city and very little night-life to speak of, the pair leased ‘The Archive’, a multi-use venue on St Asaph Street, initially with a warehouse all-ages event that featured the Transistors, Bang! Bang! Eche! and Valdera. After a refit the Archive would go on to encompass the venerable Galaxy Records, a studio for the RDU radio station, the art space Room 4, and perhaps most importantly, the Darkroom.


Back in October 2011 the new bar opened with the experimental sounds of US sound artist C Spencer Yeh and a very special sell out show from Christchurch’s own Bachelorette. Over the course of the last year the venue has not only grown in reputation as Christchurch’s finest local venue for independent music, but also in stature, with additional seating area, a huge array of drinks and an ever-increasing clientele. Saturday marked the Darkroom’s 1st birthday, and as a tribute to the early history of the venue, the same key groups were present to celebrate.

Brown Leaves are a rebirth of prior group Valdera, featuring the same duo of James Musgrave (guitar, vocals and pedals) and Matt Scobie (drums), though in a punkier, more straight-forward style. These days Musgrave seems more comfortable as a front-man and the duo ripped through a short set of sharp, jagged rock numbers with gusto.

Bang! Bang! Eche!
Bang! Bang! Eche!

Speaking of gusto – the Transistors have recently returned from the United States, touring alongside Japanese Rock n Roll icons Guitar Wolf. Lead singer James Harding was a live-wire, bouncing around the stage but still hitting ever mark in their blistering, non-stop show. The trio showed the well-honed chops of a group that’s spent months on the road together, not stopping for a breath during their opening handful of songs.

Lastly Bang! Bang! Eche! took to the stage, building up the tempo of their performance as the night came to a close. With Joie and Charlie Ryder exchanging bass, guitar and keyboard parts, vocalist Zach Doney triggering electronic effects and climbing around the audience, and drummer James Sullivan as energetic as ever behind the kit – it’s hard not to have fun at a Bang! Bang! Eche! show. What a great way to cap a terrific 1s year as a venue.

You can see more photos from this show here.

Kittentank w/ Sandfly Bay at Darkroom, April 21st 2012

Sandfly Bay
Sandfly Bay

With local instrumental trio Sandfly Bay delaying the start of the show due to equipment issues; I took the time to soak in Darkroom’s ambience. As one of our newest venues, Darkroom has really found a place as Christchurch’s key intimate spots to hear live music – however they also provide a fantastic menu of home-made vegetarian snacks, and they have an ever-growing array of boutique Wines, Beers and Liquors. I tend to favour Ciders, and with the Darkroom now stocking Peckham’s Moutere Cider Kir I had to give it a try. This is a fine, dry Cider with quite a significant dose of blackcurrant. A simply fantastic drink, and far removed from the mass-produced stuff you find in supermarkets.

Sandfly Bay have gone through numerous variations, both in line-up and style since they originally emerged as a high school band a few years back. Now without a vocalist, the current line-up produces a blues-inflected brand of alternative rock. Heavy on the rhythm and with particularly prevalent bass from Ben Ordering – who seems to be in quite a few local bands these days! Their sound is quite danceable and upbeat, and they certainly seem to have a fan base for their infectious, groove-filled songs.


Although Wellington-based group Kittentank started life as guitarist / keyboardist / vocalist Frank Eggleton’s own solo project, their current existence now revolves around a troop of some 9 members, though thankfully not all at the same time! Playing as a more-conventional 5-piece on a fairly small stage, the group through together an amalgam of styles, driven by some truly excellent drumming and driving grooves that I reckon evoke the feeling of early Stereolab recordings. With a classic keyboard sound and guitar used both as texture and lead, their indie-pop-garage-punk pastiche really appeals to my tastes. Track them down on BandCamp for a taste of one of the best new groups out of Wellington.


[Published in the Press 27-04-2012]

WAOTS, Fauxhound and $noregazZzm at darkroom

WAOTS at darkroom
WAOTS at darkroom


Another excellent show at the darkroom this weekend, with New Zealand’s most party-orientated eletronic, eletro and chip-tune artists playing to a fairly crowded room on a lovely night in the garden city.


WAOTS (aka We Aeronauts of the Spirit / aka Max Lequeux) was the most downbeat on the night warming up the crowd with tracks comprised of Nintendo DS chip-tunes augmented with keyboards and vocals.



$noregazZzm at darkroom
$noregazZzm at darkroom
Fauxhound at darkroom
Fauxhound at darkroom

Favourite Ex-son of Christchurch Jos van Beek was next, playing his GameBoy augmented electro chip-tune tracks with great gusto, dancing around the stage and getting the crowd pumped up.


$noregazZzm ended the night with their own brand oh hip-hop fueled electro electronica – great fun, and a shame the lads aren’t going to be around much longer; with Dave Currie heading overseas at the conclusion of the tour.

With Lisandru showing his usual bravado on the mic the duo put on a great show.


Click here for the rest of the photos.

Dance Asthmatics and God Destroyer

Dance Asthmatics
Dance Asthmatics

Dance Asthmatics played a great varied set at Darkroom; mixing up a bit of melodic jangle guitar rock with some Fall-esque posturing and swagger, and even some straight ahead punk. Nice.

God Destroyer are made for a different night all together, varying between ambient drone and *almost* atonal noise. I like their melodic, quieter moments best…

Click here for more photos

God Destroyer
God Destroyer
Dance Asthmatics
Dance Asthmatics

TV3 cover the Archive / Gap Filler

Along with the ‘Sugarloaf Shakedown’ event up in Auckland (a fund-raiser from ex-Christchurch musos), TV3 covered the recent opening of the Archive, plus had some old footage from Gap Filler – cool stuff! Theres some video of Valdera plus some of my pics from the other night, and a pretty sweet interview with T-Nealle. Choice!

TV3: The Sugarloaf Shakedown

The Archive: Grand Opening

Bang! Bang! Eche! at the Archive
Bang! Bang! Eche! at the Archive

The Archive is a new soon-to-be-bar and performance space setup up by T’Nealle Worsley (Bang! Bang! Eche!) and Jasper Bryant-Greene on st Asaph Street – a welcome site in post-quake Christchurch.
The Archive Grand Opening
The Archive Grand Opening

Although they haven’t got a license yet, friday night they put together a brilliant all-ages opening party featuring Valdera, the Transistors and Bang! Bang! Eche! which had the whole places pumping and the kids climbing the walls – check out some of the photos I managed to snap during this cracker of a show, and look out for future events at the Archive.
The Transistors at the Archive
The Transistors at the Archive

There will in fact be a pop-up shop opening within the spot at the start of June:
The Archive: Pop Up Store