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Surfing USSR

Don’t Make Noise

Christchurch free-noise group featuring future Breathing Cage bandmates Greg Malcolm and Michael Kime, plus Into the Void’s Paul Sutherland and the drums of John Kennedy.

#nzmusic #dontmakenoise

Surfing USSR

Greg Malcolms’ excellent kletzmer surf guitar 3-piece. Featuring Malcolmg on guitar, the odd vocal warble, floor guitar and a huge beavy of toys (he prides himself on being able to put on a show for under $5 from the Warehouse!),… Read More »Surfing USSR


Incredibly young band who impressed during their short existence in 1983-4, narrowly losing to the whiteboys in the 1984 battle of the bands, the Triffids were sort of pre dance based guitar pop, a band in development. Their music was… Read More »Triffids