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Peter King

Hawaii Five-0

Terrific organ-driven indie pop group from mid to late 1990’s Christchurch. Put out 2 7″ lathe singles then promptly disappeared, but singer / keyboardist / guitarist Annabel Alpers went on to find fame with her solo project Bachelorette.

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Anastasia Strapon

Anastasia Strapon was the vocalist and guitarist for Thee Strapons, alongside her partner (and keyboardist) Don Gone. In 1998 she released her own solo recording ‘For what it’s worth’ as a lathe-cut 7″ single on the groups own Solarphonic imprint.

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a million lights

In 2004 I (Chris Andrews) compiled a 4-song EP of original recordings and got them pressed in the very limited capacity of 20 copies through Peter King, down in Mt. Somers (in a single day!, June 24th 2004), each with a unique cover and hand-numbered. The music contained within varies between low-key melodic trembling’s on the a side, to caustic, but carefully controlled feedback-entrenched drones and shards of sound (extracted with the help of Cubase’s many distortion tools – from a bass guitar) on the b of an 8″ lathe-cut.