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Ode Records

Graeme Gash

Former singer song-writer (and artist) with popular late 70s Auckland folk-pop group Waves, Graeme Gash made his solo debut with After the Carnival in 1981, which saw some praise in John Dix’s excellent history of New Zealand Rock and Pop ‘Stranded in Paradise’.

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Out of the Compost

Wellington group from the late 1980’s; notably sponsored by the NZ Student Arts Council. A review of the debut EP turned up in Feminist magazine ‘Broadsheet’ and there’s a very short clip of them performing at the 1987 Mangawhai Women’s Festival.

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Propeller Records

Simon Griggs’ mighty fine Propeller Records – was (along with Ripper Records) the label that kicked off New Zealand’s independent record scene with an absolute hoard of excellent singles through the first few years of the 1980s.

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Ebony Sye

Youthful New wave pop group who put out an album in 1987 on Auckland label Ode Records before disappearing. Frontman Neil de Jong would resurface in another short-lived group (Voodoo Love); however the most well-known group he’s associated with would be Alien Weapony, as brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong are his songs, and he’s assisted as a live sound engineer and manager for the group.

Ralph Bennett

Biography Members Ralph Bennett (Guitar/Vocals, 1984 – 1986) George Twhiti (Bass, 1984) Kevin Thomas (Drums, 1984 – 1986) Wayne Wilson (Guitar/Vocals, 1984 – 1986) Phil Davison (Saxophone , 1984) Gabriel Alvarez (Bass, 1986) Discography Sitting In Silence, Drowning In Screams… Read More »Ralph Bennett