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Mr Sterile

Interview: Ascension Band

Flashback to 2004 and an interview I conducted with Dave Edwarfs and Nigel Patterson of Ascension Band on the eve of their performance at the Wellington Fringe Festival.

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Swagger Jack

‘Swagger Jack’ is something else entirely. Jacks my hillbilly-punk songwriting character (a hard-drinking embittered feral/hippy idealist who records occasionally ‘rattly’ and violent, but often ‘pretty’ (in a melancholy way) acoustic numbers on battery powered 4-trks in doc huts and hardly… Read More »Swagger Jack

Mr. Sterile

Cabaret Chamber-Punk From Keiran Monaghan. Discography Suppository Cassette [1999 Self-Released] Hanging Out The Washing Cd-R [1998 Root Don Lonie For Cash Cdl041] Pregnant Boy [2001 Self-Released] Get Fucked Wellington!!! Love Kerry P. [2006 Skirted] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on… Read More »Mr. Sterile

Keiran Monaghan

Kieran Monaghan Is One Of The Key Figures In The Wellingtons – If Not NZ’S – ‘Adventurous Music’ Scene. A Driving Force Behind NZ Punk During The 90s, He Currently Plays Cabaret ‘Chamber-Punk’ As Mr Sterile, Drums For Sunship And… Read More »Keiran Monaghan