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Matt Middleton

The Ho’ Dogs

Extremely wild Dunedin old-school rock’n’roll from a handful of underground experimental or lo-fi musicians. I managed to catch them once at the Provincial Lounge in Christchurch and was blown away by their stage antics; which included jumping on the Prov’s bar, kicking over drinks.

#nzmusic #thehodogs


the one-man band that is matt middleton. using a variety of instruments (all the usuals along with clarinet and studio baffonary) middleton produced a bunch of self-release tapes in the early 90s, before flying nun released the inner city guitar… Read More »Crude

Matt Middleton

Matt Middleton, otherwise known as Crude, a founding member of the Aesthetics and now part of the live Spacedust ensemble, Middleton is an increasingly productive guy, with a distinct approach to lo-fidelity, trash-electro or screaming noise – Middleton has traversed… Read More »Matt Middleton