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Claire’s Un Natural Twin


A nasty piece of twisted work from former Palmerston North dwellers Claire Pannell and Dave White. Claires tortured vocals spit forth tales of molestation trauma and a world of personal turmoil.

Noise by way of distortion/feedback guitar work and a barrage of chaotic percussive noise. A violent collision of the classic industrial attitude and an anarchic sound and vocal punishment

– Club Bizarre

Pannell – otherwise known as Furchick, is an Australian ex-pat of New Zealand who has also been in groups Froit Head and Air Traffic Controllers, whilst Clark is a veteran of many groups synonymous with Palmerston North such as Thin Red Line, The Clear, Lung and Baldman.


  • Dave White (Guitar/Vocals/Piano/Tape, 1995 – 1996)
  • Claire Pannell (Vocals/Drums/Percussion, 1995 – 1996)


  • C.U.N.T. 7″ EP (1995, Yellow Bike Records, YB14)
  • 12 INCH CUNT (1995, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE016)
  • K-Tel Cunt EP (1995 w/ The K-Tel Dancers, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE019]
  • Whats The Colour Of Blood EP (1995, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE022)
  • Pair of Scissors 7″ Lathe Cut Single (1996, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE025)
  • Crack Pot (1996, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE031)



l artists


the clear turned into lung in 1991, immediately releasing a live recording of their new material (actually performing still as the clear). they actually went on to a bit more acclaim than their earlier incarnation, and had slight cult success in europe, we’re they toured in the mid 90s. the clear’s line-up of david white, brent gemmill, phil williscroft and graeme gaylor remained.
picks in bold

  • live stomach [1991 yellow bike]
  • cactii [1991 yellow bike yellow bike 003]
  • paralysis ep [1992 yellow bike yellow bike 007]
  • 3 gheads on a plate [1993 yellow bike yellow bike 008]
  • feeding fucking vera [1994 yellow bike yellow bike 015]