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John White

Monkey Records

Monkey records is an independent record label, founded mid-2000, dedicated to releasing and promoting New Zealand based artists of an innovative or experimental nature.

John White

As the distinctive voice of Mestar, John White has become quite a well known figure in new zealand music, particularly in his home-town of dunedin, where mestar first formed, and where Cloudboy have become such a loved troup. John toured… Read More »John White


Biography Chirpy pop trio who started out in Dunedin and have since moved north to wellington. releasing albums through Arclife Records and Yellow-Eye, they’ve had a distinctly independent approach to recording and distribution, despite significant popularity on the b-net stations… Read More »Mestar


The most prolific recording alias of Dark Tower member Jody Lloyd, who has been releasing material under the alias since the excellent Shadows on a Flat Land album in 1998. In 2003, Jody started performing his solo material (and even… Read More »Trillion