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Jayrem Records

Circus Block Four

Wellington-based funky pop rock group from the mid 1980. Formed by Gavin McLean and Jeff Thorpe after the demise of their previous group The List. Percussionist Dean Hutton (and production from Ian Morris) gave them a distinct sound on their first replace ‘In Stone In Steel’.

Well-known drummer Caroline Easther later joined the group, however the group only lasted a couple years, without attaining any commercial success. They recorded an album that went unreleased.

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Freudian Slips

Biography all girl post-punk outfit very reminiscent of the excellent au pairs. airy keyboards and sparse use of some nicely angular guitar make both ep’s worthy pick-ups – and they’re usually pretty easy to find (in n.z., that is). Members… Read More »Freudian Slips

The Body Electric

Biography Pseudo-electro / new-wave outfit known for their bizarre hit ‘Pulsing‘, which comes across as a parody of early electronic bands these days (primarily Kraftwerk and New Order). Created by record impresario Alan Jansson (performing as Alan Jimson). Actor Garry… Read More »The Body Electric