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This Kind Of Punishment

After Nocturnal Projections went their seperate ways in the early 80s, the two Jefferies brothers formed This Kind Of Punishment, a group that expanded their song-writing capabilities, and the punky style in which Nocturnal Projections had created. This Kind Of Punishment’s albums are quite often eery and detached, with Peter’s voice cutting through the shards of piano and guitar like it was deathly silence. Over the years the brothers accumulated a large list of contributors, with Andrew Frengley, Gordon Rutherford, Michael Harrison, Maxine Fleming, Michael Morley, Alastair Galbraith, Shayne Carter and the burgeoning talents of Grant Fell and Chris Matthews (who would later take the essence of the Matthews penned ‘Sleepwalking’ as the basis for a Headless Chickens track – and make it a hit).

This Kind Of Punishment have had a huge impact on the darker side of New Zealand rock, and their 1st two releases are well worth seeking out. By 1984 TKOP were a four-piece comprised of the two Jefferies brothers, Fell and Matthews – and played live consistently, touring the nation with Jay Clarkson‘s Expendables (from which the tkp live ’85 album is culled).

Soon after, an arts festival, “the nit-picker’s picnic,” dissolved this amalgam and a single 1986 performance with the line-up of the jefferies brothers, michael morley and shayne carter saw the end of the band.
– Dan Vallor: taken from Popwatch #9

Cakekitchen), whilst Fell and Matthews (and one-time TKOP contributor Johnny Pierce) were already establishing Childrens Hour, the fore-runner to the ever-popular Headless Chickens.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • This Kind Of Punishment [1983 Flying Nun Tkp001]
  • A Beard Of Bees [1985 Self-Released Tkp002] Rn
  • 5 By Four Ep [1985 Flying Nun Tkp003]
  • In The Same Room [1987 Flying Nun Tfp004]
  • Tkp Live ’85 [1988 Xpressway X/Way 02]
  • A Beard Of Bees Cassette Reissue [1990 Compiled Reissue Xpressway X/Way 15]
  • This Kind Of Punishment [1993 Reissue Roofbolt]
  • In The Same Room / 5 By Four [1993 Reissue Ajax]


b artists

Breathing Cage


Something of a dark horse in the New Zealand rock canon, Breathing Cage reads like a super group of New Zealand musicians (vocals by Jay Clarkson, guitar by Greg Malcolm, drums by Gary Sullivan and bass by Michael Kime) and actually went on to win the (then coveted) Rheineck rock awards.

Unfortunately things didn’t pan out when it came to spending the prize (which was a studio recording package) – they went way over budget, the studio foreclosed on their recordings, they couldn’t get a record label to pay for the excess, and the album went unreleased for many years (though eventually resurfaced on Flying Nun Records to very little backing).


  • Jay Clarkson (Vocals)
  • Greg Malcolm (Guitar)
  • Gary Sullivan (Drums)
  • Michael Kime (Bass)


  • You and Me and the Old Hill Cassingle (1991, as Jay Clarkson Breathing Cage, Flying Nun Records, FN135)
  • Misericord (1991 as Jay Clarkson Breathing Cage, Tall Poppy L30589)
  • Split Milk (2006, Failsafe Records, SAFE078)


c artists

Jay Clarkson


Strong female vocalist and the front-woman of a number of dependable (if never successful) kiwi acts (They Were Expendable aka The Expendables, and the Rheineck award winning Breathing Cage), stretching right back to the mid 80’s. She’s since gone solo, producing a well liked album (‘kindle’) on Dunedin community-label Arc Life.



  • Jay Clarkson Mini-Lp [1986, Flying Nun, Fn054]
  • Packet [1991, W/ Kaye Woodward, Flying Nun, Fn202]
  • Kindle [1999, Arc Life, Arclife006]