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Goodshirt, Sleepy Age and RDU Round Up Winners: Ipswich

Sleepy Age at Dux Live
Sleepy Age at Dux Live
Goodshirt at Dux Live
Goodshirt at Dux Live



Ok, a couple of big shows at Dux Live this weekend; firstly Goodshirt returned after what seems like a decade, playing material from their to-be-released comeback EP plus a string of their catchy earlier singles.


Sleepy Age we’re just phenomenal in support, playing in a new line-up with three (sassy) backup singers. Check out the photos here.




Ipswich at Dux Live
Ipswich at Dux Live



The 2nd show was saturdays final of the RDU 2012 Round-Up band competition, won by the talented up-n-coming lads Ipswich.

Only got the chance to see Ipswich, but they were a lot of fun, with the crowd moshing around to ‘Alien vs. Sexual Predator’. Choice. Photos here.

b artists

Sarah Brown


Marlborough born singer songwriter Sarah Brown released her self-titled debut album in 2006.

Her first single “hands” marionette like music video received plenty of airplay on local music television.

The album was recorded at the same DIY Shed used by Goodshirt on both their album releases.


  • Sarah Brown (Vocals/Guitar, 2006)


  • Sarah Brown (2006, Hark Records)



g artists


Very very popular and creative Auckland band that shot immediately into the public eye with their brilliant self-produced, home-made music videos and infectious pop songs; flush with heavy doses of synth in the style of The Cars. Its members are Gareth Thomas, brothers Murray and Rodney Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre.

After an ep with a self-titled single, the band hit even greater fortune with follow-up singles and their debut album, touring the country to packed out orientation crowds through-out 2001 and 2002.

Goodshirt continued to draw crowds with the release of the sophmoric release Fiji Baby, but sales declined – probably due to the lead-off singles not really containing the same infectious spark of their previous releases (though the single Fiji Baby is a lovely low-key pop number). Needless to say the band continues to tour relentlessly, and even managed a high-profile appearance at the south-by-southwest festival in Austin, Texas before going on hiatus on the last day of 2005.

The group then re-appeared in late 2011 before releasing a new EP in May 2012.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Goodshirt Ep [2000 EMI]
  • ‘Green’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • Good [2001 EMI 5350602]
  • ‘Sophie’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Place To Be’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Buck It Up’ Cd Single [2003 EMI 5539022]
  • Fiji Baby [2004 EMI 5770902]
  • ‘Fiji Baby’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • ‘Lucy’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • Skinny Mirror Ep [May 2012]