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Junkanoo were a percussive band from Christchurch who put out a split album release on Campbell McLay’s Onset/Offset label in 1986, recorded at Arne van Bussell’s Nightshift Studios. The name ‘Junkanoo’ stems from a festival that was originated during the period of African chattel slavery in British American colonies.

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All Fall Down

Biography Christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80’s) originally started life as a 4 piece with Blair Parkes, Campbell Taylor, Easther McNaughton and Brett Lupton. Lupton was later replaced by Bert Aldridge and the band also acquired Stephen… Read More »All Fall Down

The Renderers

The Renderers are New Zealand’s prime example of southern-fried country, and are indeed one of our finest ever bands. Brian Crook formed the Renderers with his partner Maryrose in early 90’s Christchurch when The Max Block failed to go anywhere,… Read More »The Renderers

Swim Everything

Blair Parkes (All Fall Down, Creeley). Discography Orange Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim001] Green Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim002] Last Hexit 7″ Lathe-Cut [1995 Self-Released] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


vehicle for the song writing talents of john kelcher and blair parkes. the bands line-up featured parkes (ex-letter 5 – guitar / vocals), john kelcher (sneaky feelings – guitar / vocals), bert aldridge (drums), and dean aldridge (bass). the band… Read More »Creeley