Also known as: Daegar Bar, Bar Particular

Location: 651 Colombo Street, Central Christchurch

Current Status: Demolished post-earthquake, now part of Ballantynes

Active as a live music venue: 1993 – 1996?

Bar Manager: The Yee Family

All-Ages: No

Central city bar that had live shows from local bands such as Future StupidLoves Ugly Children, Range, Hawaii Five-O, Creeley, Ape Management, Brother Love, Space Dust, Snort, Squirm, Pumpkinhead and early Salmonella Dub, plus touring groups such as Superette, Nothing At All, and Wendy House.

Located upstairs on the corner of Lichfield and Colombo Streets (though the address is Colombo Street, the entrance was actually on Lichfield) and ran by the Yee family for a few years in the mid 90’s.

..Open around mid ’93. Owned by the Yee Family. Had bands and then even had happy hardcore/trance parties! Daega Bar was downstairs to the left of the main entrance. Got demoed and replaced with the Contemporary Lounge part of Ballantynes.

-Tim Baird (Pinacolada Records)

Quadrophenia had three rooms joined by arches, one with no windows in the centre had a stage at one end, with a big painting on the wall behind it. At the other end of that space was the mixing desk.

Through the archway in one direction took you into the bar, which was a slightly bigger room than the band room, and adjacent to that was the pool table room, bar and pool room both overlooked Colombo st and the bar end also looked out over the corner of Lichfield/Colombo.

When I played there in Space Dust, Ape Management, Atom Vulture, Brother Love and the Bill Fosburg Assassins, it was booked by Andrew Penman (Salmonella Dub).

Most memorable night there was with Snort and Squirm and Apes, had it pretty full, best show I ever saw there was Shaft, on their ‘The Hots’ tour, come to think of it also saw a great gig there by Blunt ( I think that was their name…Palmy travelers…turned into Flamin Werepigs…) Bill Fosburg played some amazing shows during this era, unfortunately very few were recorded or filmed.

– Martin Henderson

Posters from the era show that it was a very regular venue with shows 4 nights a week and close ties to both then-student radio station RDU and local skate and clothing outlet Cheap Skates.

Particularly notable are posters from Ape Management‘s Rock Hardman, showing a very dynamic comic style which would also feature on Ape Management (and other Homebacon groups) art work over the coming years, along with further posters at the likes of Warners and His Lordships.


1993?: Quadrophenia opens as a venue hosting bands up to 4 nights a week

1996?: Quadrophenia closes, replaced by Daegar Bar?

2011: Building is heavily damaged and eventually demolished after the Canterbury Earthquakes, replaced by what is now part of Ballantynes.

Contact Details


s artists

Swim Everything

Blair Parkes (All Fall Down, Creeley).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Orange Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim001]
  • Green Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim002]
  • Last Hexit 7″ Lathe-Cut [1995 Self-Released]


a artists

All Fall Down


Christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80’s) originally started life as a 4 piece with Blair Parkes, Campbell Taylor, Easther McNaughton and Brett Lupton.

Lupton was later replaced by Bert Aldridge and the band also acquired Steven MacIntyre.

The band were a favorite support act for visiting Flying Nun bands and eventually released an EP on that label. The band did have a knack for a good melodic hook, but had an off putting feyness to them occasionally.

MacIntyre straightened the band out a lot with his well crafted simple tunes, perfectly captured in the wonderful actifed blues.

Parks and Aldridge went on to form Creeley, with Sneaky Feelings man John Kelcher, MacIntyre left for Asian worlds, Campbell moved into video production.


  • Blair Parkes (Guitar/Vocal)
  • Campbell Taylor (Bass)
  • Easther McNaughton (Violin/Vocals)
  • Brett Lupton (Drums)
  • Bert Aldridge (Drums)
  • Steven MacIntyre (Guitar/Vocals)




c artists


vehicle for the song writing talents of john kelcher and blair parkes. the bands line-up featured parkes (ex-letter 5 – guitar / vocals), john kelcher (sneaky feelings – guitar / vocals), bert aldridge (drums), and dean aldridge (bass). the band formed in 1990 with parkes and kelcher working on song writing in kelcher’s central city flat, each taking turns at drums, bass, and guitar. bert aldridge joined on drums and the band began performing as a 3 piece, some songs performed without bass. dean aldridge [who later moved on to become a member of the dial-tones] joined the line-up and creeley undertook a series of demo recordings with at redd acoustics studios. these recordings were never released.
a further series of recordings was undertaken at fish street studios with tex houston. one track appearing on the good things compilation, the others going toward a series of self released tracks the band produced. the band were hard workers on their music but their sound was a little out of sync with that of the current scene in christchurch so the band found it hard going to find an audience for their melodic and sometimes quirkily british songs. the band may have disbanded.
picks in bold

  • grunty falcon cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm001]
  • step ahead cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm002]
  • the sea cassette ep [1995 self-released ahm003]