NOTE: This post probably contains quite a few errors and an inaccurate timeline – there is very little info online about old Christchurch venues, so I welcome all corrections and additions!

Also known as: Old Star Tavern, Star Tavern, Lion Tavern

Location: 343 Lincoln Road, Addington

Current Status: Demolished

Active as a live music venue: 1980’s

People of Note: Tony Peake (Zanzibar, 1984), Chris (Anzak?) (Burning House Promotions at Old Star Tavern, 1986? – 1987?)

Capacity: –

All-Ages: No

The Old Star Tavern (aka The Star Tavern, Lion Tavern) was a large old Pub on Lincoln Road, not far from Hagley Park that sprung to life with live entertainment during the mid 1980’s.

Circa 1984, local Punk and Dance impresario (and general taste-maker) Tony Peake was responsible for booking bands at the large, popular Gladstone venue, alongside Al Parke. Meanwhile up in Auckland Peter Urlich was establishing the original Zanzibar dance-club in Auckland – and was planning a similar spot in Christchurch with the help of local proprietor John McCarthy, who owned the Old Star Tavern.

Peake was brought in to establish a new nightclub within the pub, taking the same name as the Auckland venue and putting on regular nights, DJing a mix of Post-Punk, Dance, Dub, Hip-Hop – whatever he saw fit.

We spent a lot of time making sure it had a great stereo… through his connections through University Bookshop he was importing records to play. He’d bring all sorts of records in. We used to have special nights, we used to go down to this factory and get skins, giant bits of polystyrene and we’d paint big pictures, like pop art and put up big lights. For the 60’s night we did a giant Emma Peel pop art for the girls’ toilets. We did one called the Waterfront Night, which Tony particularly enjoyed. We hired all the scaffolding in town and a dance group danced up there. We made friends with these transvestite performers and they would do acts in between the shows.

-Christian Carruthers, from The Christchurch Press Obituary of Tony Peake.

Peake would eventually bounce back and forth from Sydney, before starting up The Edge nightclub on Hereford Street.

Later on, one-time Solatudes bassist Chris (Anzak?) began putting on shows as Burning House Promotions at various spots around town, including the University Student Association, as well as gigs like those featured in the poster below promoting The Max Block and The Terminals. The money raised by these shows was in aid of Audio Access, an 8-track studio that had started up on Bedford Row and captured music for the likes of All Fall Down, Tall Dwarfs and The Terminals themselves.

Old Star Tavern Poster from Nostalgia Factory / Rob Mayes.


  • 1984: Tony Peake ran the venue as Zanzibar
  • 1986?: Burning House Promotions start booking shows at Old Star Tavern.


s artists

Swim Everything

Blair Parkes (All Fall Down, Creeley).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Orange Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim001]
  • Green Tape Cassette Ep [1989 Self-Released Swim002]
  • Last Hexit 7″ Lathe-Cut [1995 Self-Released]


a artists

All Fall Down


Christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80’s) originally started life as a 4 piece with Blair Parkes, Campbell Taylor, Easther McNaughton and Brett Lupton.

Lupton was later replaced by Bert Aldridge and the band also acquired Steven MacIntyre.

The band were a favorite support act for visiting Flying Nun bands and eventually released an EP on that label. The band did have a knack for a good melodic hook, but had an off putting feyness to them occasionally.

MacIntyre straightened the band out a lot with his well crafted simple tunes, perfectly captured in the wonderful actifed blues.

Parks and Aldridge went on to form Creeley, with Sneaky Feelings man John Kelcher, MacIntyre left for Asian worlds, Campbell moved into video production.


  • Blair Parkes (Guitar/Vocal)
  • Campbell Taylor (Bass)
  • Easther McNaughton (Violin/Vocals)
  • Brett Lupton (Drums)
  • Bert Aldridge (Drums)
  • Steven MacIntyre (Guitar/Vocals)




b artists

Ballon d-Essai


Christchurch based 5 piece. Released 2 EPs on Flying Nun records (both of which included comic books), and the band recorded a bunch of other material plus a live show at the Hillsborough Tavern and much of this appeared on the Failsafe records release ‘R.I.P.’, another track was also included on the 1984 accident compilation.

Lindsay left the band after the first EP and was replaced by Lyndon Frasier (Lyndon and the Liars). Steven McIntyre went on to join All Fall Down.

The band were relatively entertaining live, doing the art school thing with props and performance. they were interesting for a while in their use of 2 bass guitars and the Peter Hook melody lines from that sort of line up. They eventually started to write more traditional songs and lost the edge they originally had from being completely crap at playing their instruments.

– Rob Mayes Of Failsafe Records


  • Steven McIntyre (Bass/Guitar, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Mark Rastrick (Vocals, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Scott Wilkinson (Drums, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Matt Campbell (Bass, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Lindsay Davis (Guitar, 1981?)
  • Lyndon Frasier (Guitar, 1982? – 1986?)


  • This is the level crossing 12″ EP (1981 Flying Nun Records, FN007)
  • Grow up 12″ EP (1983, Flying Nun Records, FN020)
  • R.I.P. (1986, Failsafe Records, SAFE005)