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Ben Spiers

Ben Spiers is a highly productive Wellington based experimental musician. He is a member of Campbell Kneale’s Celebrate Psi Phenomenon collective, half of the duo Seen Through with Antony Milton, a member of recording/performing outfits Empty Mirror and Kaosphere Orchestra, an occassional member of Cave Of One, 1/3 Octave Band and Kneale’s Birchville Cat Motel, and has recorded as a duo with Bill Wood.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Untitled Split Cassette [W/ Campbell Kneale 1999 Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • There Is No One Who Can Return From There Cd-R [2002 Last Visible Dog Lvd038]
  • Again Cd-R [2003 Transient Recordings Tr003]
  • Dark Field Cd-R [2003 W/ Bill Wood Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • Spin You Cd-R [2004 Transient Recordings Tr005]
  • Cinders Cd-R [2004 Pseudoarcana]


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Bill Wood

Experimental musician Bill Wood is known specifically for his band 1/3 Octave Band, but also recorded material as a duo with the prominent Ben Spiers.

Discography (picks in bold)


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1/3 Octave Band

A Bill Wood and Jules Desmond duo, along with other contributors such as Ben Spiers.

String driven shiver floating in a lake of orchestral sheen. Hyper-kinetic drones fashioned from the slow moving gracefulness of supersonic spacejunk. Aimless grandeur

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The System Likes You And Wants To Be Your Friend Cd-R [Pseudoarcana Pa047]
  • Fading Light From Distants Suns Cd-R [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • Apocalypse Now And Then [Stinkbuzz]
  • Piscean Tragedies Double 8″ Lathe-Cut [Crawlspace]
  • Radiotron Lathe-Cut 7″ [Self-Released]
  • Untitled Cd-R [Freedom From Ff0182]


b artists

Black Boned Angel


Drone-metal group from Birchville Cat Motel‘s Campbell Kneale, recordings feature contributions fromĀ Sandoz Lab Technicians‘ James Kirk, Antony Milton and 1/3 Octave Band‘s Jules Desmond.

As is the case with all Kneale groups, incredibly prolific with a number of releases on a variety of underground labels, including Celebrate Psi Phenomenon and Battlecruiser.


  • Campbell Kneale (Guitar/Drums/Tape, 2003 -)
  • Antony Milton (2006?)
  • James Kirk (Guitar, 2006? -)
  • Jules Desmond (Bass, 2007)


  • Supereclipse (2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Eternal Love CDr (2004, Battlecruiser)
  • Heavens Blaze Forth The Death of Princes (2005, Battlecruiser)
  • Ashes 3xCDr (2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Eternal Hunger CD Maxi SingleĀ  (2006, Battlecruiser)
  • Eternal Love / Eternal Hunger (2007 Compilation, Riot Season)
  • Bliss and Void Inseparable (2006, 20 Buck Spin, SPIN003)
  • Dashed Upon Stones EP (2007, Battlecruiser)
  • Christ Send Light Split Single (w/ Nadja 2008, Battlecruiser)
  • The Endless Coming Into Life (2008, 20 Buck Spin, SPIN023)
  • Verdun (2009, Riot Season)
  • Split Release with Nadja (w/ Nadja 2009, 20 Buck Spin)
  • The Witch Must Be Killed (2010, Conspiracy Records)
  • The End (2013, Handmade Birds, HB053)