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a shoot-off the the hugely popular head like a whole from nigel regan and tom watson (who has since gone on to front the now-melbourne based cassette. hemi put out a single album on wildside while hlah were at their… Read More »Hemi

Hello Sailor

the quintessential kiwi cock-rock band of the late 70s and early 80s (while dragon were spending most of their time causing trouble across the tasman). hello sailor were graham brazier and dave mcartney at the centre, with harry lyon, tony… Read More »Hello Sailor

Karen Hunter

singer-songwriter known for her prolific guitar-playing, utilizing the backing band of al khan (guitar), will seiffert (bass) and nannette fortier (drums). Discography picks in bold the private life of clowns [1998

High Dependency Unit

dunedin sonic 3-piece (tristian dingermans, dino karlins and neil phillips) in the mold of a louder, younger mogwai, born out of metal influence and small-town frustration, their startling sophmoric higher ep [1997] was given the remix treatment sound after release,… Read More »High Dependency Unit

Holy Toledos

profile thanks to rob mayessince forming in 1989 the holy toledos have attracted much attention. the release of the forget and forgive lp showcased them nation-wide, not the least to major record label sony music, who on the strength of… Read More »Holy Toledos

The Hulamen

peter marshall, john mcdougall, andrew clouston, david armstrong, john niland, andrew cross, stephen jessup, peter famularo, paul macallister and john mckay. Discography picks in bold beer and skittles ep [1982 eelman EEL-MAN001]


a solid but unremarkeable christchurch power-pop-rock trio, who’s major claim to fame seems to be their luck with winning band competitions and the ill-fated results. comprised of the towering kris giles (bass), ed loughnan (vocals / guitar) and al evans… Read More »Hooster


unusual hybrid jazz unit featuring james wilkinson that enjoyed cross-over success locally and toured europe in the mid 90s. Discography picks in bold hampsterdam [1993 new edge NE001] syzygy [1995 new edge NE002]

Hieronymus Bosch

profile thanks to marq bizarre / hieronymus boschhieronymus bosch formed around 1985-86. a two piece utilizing many reel to reel tape recorders, loop effects, steel objects and an arsenal of classic analog synths and drum machines. very dark and unique.… Read More »Hieronymus Bosch

The Hi-Tone Destroyers

Biography During the mid 90’s, no man represented the Christchurch underground rock movement more than Matt Alien (aka Matt Johnstone). As the leader of blue-revivalists The Black Panthers and his long-surviving scuzz-rockers The Hi-Tone Destroyers Matt was the equivalent of Iggy… Read More »The Hi-Tone Destroyers

Head Like A Hole

another band that could claim the title as new zealand’s most popular band at one point in the 90s, head like a hole were a scunge-rock outfit routed in metal and rock’n’roll with flourishes of country, a line-up of 6… Read More »Head Like A Hole

Harry Death

Discography picks in bold beautiful 12″ lathe-cut [1989 ima hitt HIT ME 6 TIMES] live too [1994 burning records / sonicarts society]

Michael J. Hex

The solo recording alias of Michael Brassell, former member of Christchurch lo-fi legends Squirm, and future Hiss Explosion front-man. Brassell (who used the Hex pseudonym for many of his make-shift bands) formed the Noseflute label to release the classic 1995 debut Johnnie Horse – a scattered and thoroughly charming lo-fi oddity that shines well beyond the grit of his determined 4-track recordings.

Hoi Polloi

jenny gullen, david ball, andrew horst and jozsef fityus. Discography picks in bold hoi polloi [1993 reunion REND-24409]