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Discography picks in bold hellbent ep [1989 ima hitt Hitt Me 19x] hellbent live lathe-cut 10″ ep [ima hitt]

Paul Harrison

Discography picks in bold fiend 1 lathe-cut ep [fiend records 1] fiend 3 lathe-cut ep [fiend records 3]

Harley Williams

Lyttelton-based former bassist/vocalist for popular Christchurch act Mountains of Murray. Williams took a few years off from performing when the group disbanded in 2003 before surfacing with his debut solo album, a collection of indie-folk numbers entitled Kamikaze Fondue. DiscographyPicks… Read More »Harley Williams

Herco Pilots

harry russell, chris williams, steve wester. Discography picks in bold ‘jumping at?’/’what kind of man?’ 2×7″ single [1981 r.e.m.] rn wonder book ep [1980 r.e.m. HP-001]

Head Shy

head shy was conceived as a kind of intermediary between spotty dog and secret safari. spotty dog has been putting out various rock-oriented type things by palmerston northerners since 1994, and secret safari made its entrance into the world of… Read More »Head Shy

Brent Hayward

the notorious brent s. hayward has always been a fixture in the new zealand underground scene, in early punk outfit shoes this high, then in busking mode as smelly feet, and more recently as half of the acclaimed kiwi animal… Read More »Brent Hayward

Charles Horn

Discography picks in bold philips 60w 230-240v green cassette [high tension house hth017] this has been done before cassette [high tension house hth023]


an instrumental outfit who put out an album in 2004 on the small hastings-based independent head your head music. Discography picks in bold scenes vol. 1 [2004 head your head music]

Jan Hellriegel

after cassandra’s ears fizzled out, jan started recording solo with the mark and wayne bell, tony lumsden and mark peterson in support. having had moderate success as a relatively lively MOR singer in the fiona mcdonald mold (and using her… Read More »Jan Hellriegel

Hiding From Stan

mid 80s christchurch dark and weird pop with john chrisstoffels – guitar, noises and effects, pete mitchell – drums (flat city label, renderers, squirm), johnathon – bass, micheal bell – vocals and an unknown guitarist. hiding from stan did one… Read More »Hiding From Stan

Hataitai Bowling Club

birchville cat motel‘s campbell kneale, along with glen ‘g-frenzy‘ and darren from ac death. hbc was more along the lines of pistake-electronica-noise-bufoonery which resulted in some really staggering recordings. unlike lugosi, we actually played live in front of a few… Read More »Hataitai Bowling Club

Headless Chickens

the brain-child of temperamental crazy-guy chris matthews, the headless chickens started out as a children’s hour spin-off band, and took a while before their bizarre, synth-inflected style took hold. members included matthews, johnny pierce, grant fell, michael lawry, bevan sweeney,… Read More »Headless Chickens

Hard to Handle

john michaels, anton elkington, paul higgins and willie priestly. Discography picks in bold the end of the beginning [1995 city light productions]